Three of Wands Tarot Card Symbolism

Three of Wands Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Three of Wands Tarot Card?

On a deep level, the Three of Wands symbolizes spiritual development, which is the result of the ability to foresee a situation and search on a spiritual level.
The Three of Wands of Ryder Waite’s Tarot deck depicts a man standing on the edge of a cliff, looking at the ocean and mountains. Most likely, he looks ahead, thinking about his future plans, about their implementation. From the edge of the cliff, he sees everything in front of him. Sprouted Wands emerge from the earth around the man, and he holds on to one of them with his hand. It is these three wands that symbolize plans for the future, work and research.

Card Symbolism

This is the Traveler, a man who once set off on a distant and unsafe path to reach the sea. He left the familiar world, changed a lot in his life and changed himself. His path was difficult, he was tired, but he achieved his goal. He looks lonely and would definitely be happier if he had the support of other people throughout his activity, but he did not ask them for help.

Person Leaning on the Staff
It is a symbol of an enterprise that has found a solid foundation. It also signifies strength and reliability.

Green on Clothes and Under Human’s Feet
The symbol of the first results and new perspectives.

Aristocratic Clothing
Symbolizes wealth. Red-green mantle means cherished desires, realized in fertility and naturalness.

Man Without Shoes
Perhaps this means that the person knows about his origin and came from obscurity. Many legendary heroes can boast of such a motive of fate, which was the reason for their success. If they had grown up in mansions, they would have achieved nothing in life.

Symbolizes attention and readiness, vigilance.

Earthen Rods with Shoots
The symbol of the sustainability of the achieved result.

Stone Under Feet
Symbolizes the achievements of the person.

It is a symbol of a new world, a new life that has opened up to man. Now he is free from the burden of the past.

They symbolize the result of the efforts made. They also mean ideas, views for good deals, a successful outcome of the case.

Earth on the Horizon
It also symbolizes the result of the efforts made. At the same time, these are still unexplored lands that can give the chance to discover new opportunities.

Golden Horizon, Golden Shining Sea
They symbolize attractive prospects.

Dirty Yellow Sky
Yellow and Black symbolize light and darkness, conscious and unconscious. This is both a new chance and a challenge.

The Three of Wands combines two important images. Firstly, this is a person who has traveled a long and difficult path and finally reached the summit, and, secondly, this is the one who has a wide view of the world around him from a height. A solid foundation is our support, and the prospect of a bright future is our goal – these are the two meanings of this card.
In general, the Three of Wands means success, but it can also mean thwarted plans, the collapse of ideas or an obstacle to the train of thought, or the fact that too much time is spent on words and not enough time on the implementation of what was conceived.


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