Two of Wands Tarot Card Symbolism

Two of Wands Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Two of Wands Tarot Card?

The Two of Wands symbolizes business achievements. Any lucrative contract or new business partnership is coming soon. Your plans will bear fruit. You have considerable ability and foresight, but in order to succeed, you also need to demonstrate persistence. This card can also symbolize human kindness and interest in science.
The Two of Wands illustrates a person holding a globe with his right hand. If we turn to symbolism, it means that the whole world is in your hands. The colors of the clothes speak of passion and enthusiasm. The figure of a man is depicted between two sprouted staffs. Since the person is standing on top of some structure, the whole landscape opens up in front of him with views of the mountains and the ocean, which symbolizes an excellent vision of the future. In addition, there on the Arcana is an image of a rose and a lily connected by a cross.

Card Symbolism

It is a symbol of success, high goals, great ambitions and wealth, one who takes risks to achieve results.

Orange and Red Clothes
Symbolizes enthusiasm and passion inspired by the development of life.

The Hand That Holds a Wand
Symbolizes intentions to decide on something.

Two Wooden Wands
They symbolize control and authority, warning to stop and calm down while observing. They can also symbolize two different energies, two different hobbies that are in conflict within you, they must either be separated from each other or be reconciled.

Right Wand
Means that the person has postponed to achieve his own goals. Also indicates that he had good fortune and great achievements in the past.

Left Wand
It symbolizes a new plan of action, the plan of the coming accomplishments.

Symbolizes opportunity and adventure, a huge playground with experience and vitality. A symbol of mighty potential or domination. The whole World is in your hands.

Lake / Sea
The water at the bottom of the card is depicted as a calm surface, suggestive of serenity and peace. It can also mean thinking broader but acting locally.

Coat of Arms
A cross with lilies and roses at each end, a reminder of your cultural and family roots.

It symbolizes beauty, devotion to ideals, it is also a symbol of desires.

A symbol of good intentions and hopes.

This is a symbol of faith. Also symbolizes suffering and nobility of purpose.

It means that you need to use wisely all the energies and strengths that are given to you.

Blue Mountain
Symbolizes the unity between Heaven and Earth, reality and hope.

Fortress Wall
This is a high vantage point. A symbol of power, control, superiority.

Grey Sky
A symbol of neutrality, calmness and restraint.

The Two of Wands combines a statement of fact and at the same time a challenge. It shows that we want to maintain a neutral, indifferent position, but the situation forces us to speak directly and unambiguously. This card corresponds to situations that often resemble dead ends. Objectively, there is nothing that we could consider to be the cause of our failure, defeat or bad mood, but here they are, and we do not know what exactly unsettled us. The point is that we are tired of participating in external life, and we locked ourselves away from it in another ivory tower. In any case, we have achieved that nothing bothers our soul anymore, and we do not care what happens to our loved ones, not to mention those who are far away. You can get out of this state only by letting your ideas become beliefs, and your intentions to become deeds.


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  2. 2 of Wands played like the guy was watching my life on social networks.
    Planet earth on the map image – as the personification of the World Wide Web.

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