Symbolism of Wheel of Fortune in Tarot

Symbolism of Wheel of Fortune in Tarot

What is the meaning of symbols in The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card?

This is the first of the cards of the Major Arcana on which there is no image of a person at all. But there are many other symbols on it. In the middle there is a wheel decorated with various letters and signs. First, there are four Hebrew letters that make up the tetragram of the name of God (Yod-He-Vav-He), and four Latin letters that form the word TORA (or TARO, if read in the opposite direction). Second, the wheel depicts the alchemical symbols of mercury, sulfur, water and salt. In the corners of the card there are figurines of an angel, a bull, a lion and an eagle, which are the symbols of the four evangelists – Matthew, Luke, Mark and John. The card also shows one of the snakes that made up the Magician‘s belt, one of the Sphinxes from the Chariot card (at top) and Hermanubis, a guide of souls, a kind winged demon, a bit like a dog. In other versions of this card, Hanuman, the monkey king, a cunning hero of Indian mythology, is depicted above, instead of Hermanubis, the cat goddess Bast, and instead of a snake, Typhon, or a snake from the Magician’s belt from picture of 1 Arcana, a monster considered the personification of evil.
On the old images of the Card of Wheel of Fortune, you can also see the figures of people: some are lifted up by the wheel to glory, others are mercilessly thrown down.

Symbolism of Wheel of Fortune

Wheel in the Center of the card.
This is a circle without beginning and end, and from here a symbol of endless eternity and constant movement towards progress and change is born.
Shows that life is a cycle of events that, in a sense, are constantly repeated.
Think about the changing seasons, how youth gives way to old age, and then is changed by the youth of the next generation.

Six Spokes
It is indicated that each life form has its opposite at the other end of the spokes of the wheel.

Expresses the idea of ​​stability and balance of the laws of the Universe in the midst of universal continuous motion.
The Sphinx is the keeper of universal unknowable secrets that are beyond human understanding. Thanks to him, we have the power to change our lives, although we are moving along the path of chance and fate.
He also personifies – the true “I” and secret knowledge.

Sphinx Sword
Sword of Justice

Animal Head Man
The level at which a person corresponds to the physical world, instincts. If he copes with the situation, he will rise higher in status. Some types of cards may have more images.

This is Typhon, the deity of evil and destruction. It is a symbol of wisdom

The Man with the Jackal’s Head – Hermanubis
This is Anubis, one of the manifestations of the god Hermes. This is a symbol of enlightenment, wisdom, knowledge and occult sciences, as well as luck, dexterity, good fate. Also symbolizes the evolution of human consciousness.

Anubis and Typhon
These are the principles of good and evil.

Sphinx, Anubis and Typhon
These are symbols of the present, past and future.

Four Figures in the Corners of the card
In the corners of the image: an eagle, a bull, a lion and an angel – the personification of the four evangelists.
Corresponds to four fixed signs of the zodiac – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. These are symbols of the four cardinal points and four elements: Fire (Leo), Water (Scorpio), Air (Aquarius), Earth (Taurus). These figures indicate God’s providence outside: it has always been, it is, and it will be.

Signs inside the Wheel
Alchemical symbols of salt, mercury, sulfur and water

Human – “R” – Nitrogen – Water
Ox – “O” – Salt – Earth
Eagle – “T” – Mercury – Air
Leo – “A” – Sulfur – Fire

It can be read as “wheel” and as “teaching.”

Open Book
Symbols of study, lectures.

Blue Sky
This is discipleship, good opportunities, following your own path, openness to knowledge.
Transition to a higher consciousness, self-expression, awareness, realization of the knowledge gained.

The symbolic meaning of revelation. Out of the fog of our deepest thoughts, an epiphany suddenly appears, out of nowhere a bright idea appears. This is the main meaning of the cloud symbol.

Number: 10
10 is the number of perfection, the completion of the cycle, and at the same time it marks a new beginning, a transition to a new level.
We have already said that 10 is the sum of one and zero, but this is not the only possible way to get ten. Supporters of some esoteric teachings believe that 10 is also the sum of 4 and 6, or 7 and 3. If we recall the key meanings of six and four, we will see that harmony (6) and stability (4) will reign in the life of a 10 person. If we turn to a three with a seven, we will understand that optimism, the desire to learn something new and mysticism will occupy an important place for 10. If we consider the number 10 in numerology as the sum of two fives, then we get a lot of different aspirations, often contradictory , opposite.

The Arcana Wheel of Fortune is closely related to the intervention of the Universe. A person has no control over the events that need to happen. Sometimes they seem like pure coincidence, but if you got this card – it is not. This is the Arcana of the supremacy of fate and inevitability.

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      1. So clear and simply explained… in detail! Would appreciate more images next to each description (but maybe that’s just me).
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  1. I have been using the Wheel of Fortune card in the Rider Tarot for meditation. In the lower right hand corner behind the winged figure of Leo is a symbol. Can you kindly tell me what this symbol means? Thank you so much for your kind attention.

    1. The lion depicted in the lower right corner symbolizes strength, courage, and vitality. Lions are often associated with power and majesty in various cultural and mythological contexts, representing the primal forces of nature and the regal qualities of leadership

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