Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card?

The Queen of Pentacles symbolizes generosity and safety. It often represents feelings of warmth or a person or an atmosphere that is full of trust and security.
The picture of the Queen of Pentacles, according to the tradition of positive cards of the suit of the earth, is made in red and yellow colors, as a symbol of prosperity and harmony. In the drawing, we see a richly dressed woman seated on a throne in a meadow. She holds the Pentacle in her hands. In the background, mountains are visible, around it flowers, greenery, roses on top. The image conveys an atmosphere of peace, happiness and well-being. This, however, is the main meaning of the card – a stable successful life, financial prosperity, a good job, a reliable family and positive emotions.

Card Symbolism

Everything depicted on the card suggests that you just need to sow seeds in your soul for the perception of the world as a whole and the results will not be long in coming. Aspirations, ideas, opportunities and projects, like the roses on the card, will grow and sprout.
If you look at the image of the Queen of Pentacles, you can see that the throne is surrounded by vegetation, of which there is a lot. This means that vital energy is in full swing. Above the armrest of the throne is the head of a goat, it is nothing but a hint of the zodiac sign that accompanies this card.

The Queen can represent a real person in your life, especially one who is the archetype of the feminine energy. She is a symbol of openness and receptivity.

Red Dress
Speaks about passion, love.

Green Cape
It symbolizes naturalness, freshness and growth in everything.

Symbolizes objects on the material plane, such as money. The Queen holds the pentacle in her hands with love, representing the balance of work and life. It also means a superficial emphasis on material gain. Also, this moment means taking care of the abilities, resources, affairs of others and needs.

Symbolizes sensual pleasure and material success. Also, the color of the throne is gray, it means neutrality, calmness, thoughtfulness.

Many animals surround the Queen that represent fertility, such as rabbits. Goat stands for the ability to move quickly and is a reminder not to exaggerate your needs.

Symbolizing fertility and worldly wisdom.

Goat Head
Symbolizes sensitivity.

Tree Branches
The flowering tree branches surrounding the Queen represent creative exuberance as well as a place for calm decision making. Also symbolizes fertility and naturalness

Warn against false ambition and false modesty.

Heights that either can be reached or have already been conquered.

The Queen of Pentacles, personifying the feminine side of the elements of the earth, means sobriety, kindness, reliability, realism, hard work, fertility and fruitful work, sincerity and sensual joys. She has a natural instinct and love for the land, which is most clearly manifested in the image of a peasant woman. She is also a caring mother with many children, a talented actress or artist, or just a sensual person who gets real pleasure from the simplest joys of life. But this also requires a measure, otherwise the above-mentioned positive qualities will turn into disappointment or inertia, laziness, a thirst for pleasure alone.


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