Symbolism of The Chariot in Tarot

Symbolism of The Chariot in Tarot

What is the meaning of symbols in The Chariot Tarot Card?

The Chariot and its Charioteer in many mythologies symbolize victory and heroic status. Often, the Charioteer is a divine being who designates the mind that directs life’s actions. Thoughts and modes of action are represented by creatures pulling the Chariot and symbolizing vigilance, strength, power and destiny. They embody the active energy and energy of perception present in every spirit, in every life story and in every symbolic system of the world.


The card depicts a triumphant in battle armor. He is the winner in battles with enemies and in the knowledge of the secrets of nature. A knowledgeable, thinking, courageous and inquisitive person, he left everything and set off on his way, looking for the use of his powers and not being afraid to take risks.
He is under the protection of heaven. There is a star above his head. Crescents adorn the shoulders. They associate this card with its governing sign Cancer and symbolize a new beginning. The Charioteer confidently drives a quadrangular Chariot, harnessed by two sphinxes – symbols of wisdom.
The Charioteer must keep them in subjection. There are no reins in his hands, and the sphinxes pulling the Chariot behind them are not harnessed to it. Progressing forward depends only on the strength of the mind and logic of the Charioteer. He drives along the border that separates polarity. Give preference to one of the sides at least for a moment, and the whole carriage will fly out of the way to the side of the road.

Archetype: passionary hero.


It symbolizes everything related to promotion, progress, courage, discretion, enthusiasm, initiative. And also symbolizes the human soul

Symbol on the Front Wall of the Chariot
Image of lingam and yoni. These concepts mean active and passive, static and dynamic, manifested and hidden. The balance of opposites is a necessary condition for trouble-free movement. The carriage must not slip, but it must not accelerate too much, otherwise you can fly off the road and crash.

Winged Sun
Ancient symbol of the great sun god. The “Golden Snitch” from the Harry Potter novels is a tiny winged ball, the capture of which turns defeat into victory. Here is a symbol of the inner focus, the personal sun, which accompanies us on a journey through life.

It personifies the “ego”, the intellect of the idealized “I”.
This is self-knowledge and the determination of one’s own path, this is a victory over one’s inertia, this is the power of will that has removed the seal from the hero.
This is a person who has gained the necessary experience. He enters the path of yoga, intending to take his proper place in society – and he succeeds, because he does have enough will. He believes that feelings must now give way to reason. But he still does not know that this segment of the path will someday be covered, and everything will be repeated from the beginning, albeit on a different level.

Chariot Crowned with a Laurel Wreath.
The upper part of this card symbolizes the objective side of fate. We must decide on our own everything that we can.

Eight-Pointed Star Crown
A hint of help from above. This is the Star of Bethlehem, thanks to which the Magi found the baby Jesus Christ. It shows the right path. The symbol of the infinity of space, the beauty and order of the cosmos. Also: a symbol of freedom, independence and personal truth.

Solar Energy Scepter
A symbol of power, authority and noble goals.

Badge on the Belt
These are astrological graphic symbols of Cancer and the Moon. This is the belt of the Heavenly Goddess.

It has the graphic form of a fish. Protect him from the world. Warn of the dangers and trials that await the hero on the way. And he is ready for them.

Sparkling Quadrangle on Charioteer Chest
Symbol of earthly power. Earthly creativity. And also communication with God.

Moon Epaulets
They personify joy and sadness (The waxing moon – smiles, the waning Moon – sad).

Four Pillars Supporting Canopy
The symbol of the four powers on which the world rests (Fire, Air, Earth, Water).

Canopy Decorated with Stars
Symbolizes heavenly time. Implies nocturnal, lunar influence.

Two Sphinxes Harnessed to Chariot
Energy, the driving force that allows you to achieve your goals. According to legend, the sphinx sat at the entrance to Thebes and asked a riddle to everyone entering. Those who could not solve the riddle paid for it with their lives. The Charioteer not only solved the riddle, but also harnessed the sphinxes to the Chariot – this is a triumph of reason. Now they help the hero move on, conquer new heights, and win.

The Charioteer Keeps Two Sphinxes in Leash – a Black and White.
This is a hint that success and failure are two sides of the same coin, and both are essential experiences in life.
In reality, failure is often more beneficial than success because you can learn so much more from it.
They reflect the duality of the world. The Charioteer rules over both sphinxes. This means that a person should not only use his strengths, but also work on the shadow ones. It is important to maintain balance, to direct your sphinxes in the right direction, although by nature they are different.

They symbolize the mysteries of life. Please note that the sphinxes are not harnessed to the Chariot, but constantly run in front of it: what seems like a mystery today will open a new path for us tomorrow.
White Sphinx – Mercy
Black Sphinx – Administration of Justice.

Sphinxes Move To Different Sides
It means the struggle with passions inherent in a person. Everyone who wants to achieve something must overcome them. These are opposing internal forces.

Water in the Background
Shows that everything familiar and well known needs to be streamlined and left behind in order to continue to grow and develop. Now is the time to move forward.

City in the Background
Means that the Charioteer is no longer protected by the city walls, he is open to all dangers. Leaving the past and moving into the future.

Yellow Card Background
Indicates the presence of divine power and clarity of purpose.

Number: 7
The number of Divine harmony, perfection and change. 7 days of creation, 7 days of the week, 7 notes, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 phases of alchemical transformation, 7 main planets and 7 corresponding metals.
What does 7 mean in spiritual numerology? This is primarily research, analysis, intuitive comprehension of inner wisdom and the spiritual nature of things, phenomena, processes. The seven as if urges you not to be superficial, but to dig much deeper, no matter what the speech is about. In the esoteric sense, 7 reflects the perfection of divine energy – it is not for nothing that it was seven that was called the number of Christ consciousness. The cosmic vibration that the seven emits makes a person turn to the spiritual component of any phenomenon and realize its elevation above material nature.

The Chariot symbolizes the Exalted One, who rushes in the Chariot of Creation.
The crew of solar energy, marked with the divine number seven, uncovers the secret of the seven planets.

The Flower line. Tarot

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