Knight of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

Knight of Swords Tarot Card Symbolism

What is the meaning of symbols in Knight of Swords Tarot Card?

The Knight of Swords depict like a rider in armor, with a raised sword, rushes at an invisible enemy. Around him is a storm: pines bend, scraps of clouds fly across the sky. This is a fighter, a rebel, a crusader. He does not know leniency, attacks first and is not afraid to die. Win or die!
Moving forward without taking into account the whole situation is the whole point of this card. Whether this brings about positive changes or negative consequences depends largely on how the actions fit into the big picture.

Card Symbolism

Set, riding forward, sword raised in action. The figure here represents the moment of the action itself and the decisive change it can bring.

Prepared to deal with mental problems.

Move from Left to Right
From the conscious to the unconscious.

Raised and ready for battle. As such, the sword in this case symbolizes strength, action, conflict, competition, and showdown. The sword is so large that it does not fit into the picture. It is a symbol of the fact that we are able to comprehend what is beyond the horizons.

Red Feathers and Red Cloak
Red symbolizes deep emotion, zeal and passion. But still, these are emotions that can lead to the wrong direction, so you need to be careful in everything.

Symbolizes mental strength, impulse, striving forward.
A gray color of a horse can mean a warning against indifference to instincts, the body and its impulses.

Birds on Horese’s Tack
It is a whirlwind of psychic energy, but potentially disorganized in nature.

They symbolize lightness, but at the same time windiness and recklessness. It is also a symbol of transformation, growth: from a caterpillar to a butterfly – from an ordinary person into a conscious person.

Red Birds (under the butterflies)
They symbolize far-reaching goals, as well as a warning against false zeal in love, which can blind or lead to anger.

Symbolizes the speed, action and resources needed to move the battle decisively.

Torn Clouds
Heralds a storm.

Trees Bent By The Wind
This is a symbol of the fact that you are now riding against the wind. In a positive sense, it is a symbol of mental mobility, inspiration. In the negative sense means radicalism or fanaticism.

The Knight of Swords is always something cold, sharp, insidious, bearing discord and controversy, capable of poisoning even those areas of life that have until now served you as a reliable, comfortable refuge. The cold attitude symbolized by him can, of course, disperse the fog and bring to the light of God everything that seemed so far unclear. However, most often the element of air from this card turns to us with its negative side. This means coldness of alienation, sharp discussions, harsh and daring conclusions, evil language and caustic irony. Therefore, the Knight of Swords often portends a quarrel, a breakdown in relations, violent polemics and carefully planned meanness.


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  1. The sword held high represents the power of intellect and communication, suggesting a sharp mind and the ability to cut through obstacles with clarity and precision. Additionally, the wind depicted in the background symbolizes change and transformation, indicating the dynamic nature of the situation at hand.

    1. Oh, this is a fantastic observation! You’ve really captured the essence of the Knight of Swords card and its symbolism beautifully. Thanks for sharing your insights!

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