Symbolism of The Strength in Tarot

Symbolism of The Strength in Tarot

What is the meaning of symbols in The Strength Tarot Card?

The 8th Arcana Tarot Strength (in some decks it goes at number 11) describes a girl next to whom a lion is reclining. And, looking at him, one can hardly believe that this animal is the king of beasts, because the once formidable predator now behaves like a small kitten. The lion’s head is laid back, and the girl opens his mouth without thinking about the consequences. It seems that she does not even pay attention to it – her gaze is directed to the side. Thus, we can conclude that the eight Arcana Strength is a reflection of the infinite strength and power necessary to overcome the obstacles that arise on the path of life.
In the image of the Arcana, there is an infinity sign above the woman’s head, which shows that the symbolism of this card refers to our spiritual nature. The understanding that our inner animal is not tamed, that it cannot be conquered by force and suppression, compels us to use good instead of evil. Thanks to this spiritual awareness, you can enjoy every moment of life and accept all its aspects.
There is no point in strangling the nature of animals when they can be properly directed. This was the goal of alchemy, which did not try to destroy gross matter, but instead worked to refine it and turn it into gold. Likewise, lion instincts can be destructive, however, if caught and tamed, they can give us tremendous power.
Strength illustrates our desire to reconcile and curb the opposing forces within us, the image of which we saw on the Chariot map, so that we can recognize and control them in time.
Suppressing or denying these aspects of your “I”, or limply surrendering to their will can be equally pernicious.
Ideally, it would be to restore balance by channeling the violent energy of these passions into the channel of positive and creative activity.
The Strength suggests that only by integrating our unconscious impulses can we become aware of them and better know ourselves.
In a positive sense, the Strength provides an opportunity for the reconciliation of destructive forces acting both within us and in the world around us.

Archetype: Desires, Passion, Joy of Life.


The woman
Is the personification of the spiritual principle in a person. This is a particle that comes to us at the moment of birth and leaves the body at the moment of death – the Spark of God.

White dress
Speaks about her innocence and purity. She draws strength from a spiritual source

Their movement betrays softness in action, but at the same time confidence and decisiveness.

This is the “good yoke” and “light burden” of Jesus Christ. The priority of the spirit of the law over its letter. The supremacy of the spirit over the soul.

Leash of Roses
Symbolizes gentle and nurturing domestication.

Lemniscate, Symbol of Infinity
This symbol means that all battles in life are temporary. It also symbolizes the ability to significantly expand consciousness.
Indicates a constant and harmonious exchange between civilized man and wildlife.

The intersection of the views of the lion and its tamer indicates the fusion of opposing forces.

The Lion
It’s a wild, passionate power of instinct
It symbolizes passion. But in order for passion to be effective, it must be tamed, pacified, aimed in the right direction and not allowed to turn away from it. Your energy needs to be transformed into strength.
It is a symbol not only of the destructive impulses of our soul, but also of our innate dignity and nobility.
It also symbolizes a strong enemy that can be defeated if you have confidence in yourself and the will to win.

The Red Color of Lion
Means passion, activity, strength. In alchemy, the red lion means the means by which lower substances are converted into gold.

The Chops
Symbolizes the source of possible danger.

Blue mountain
Sign of the Divine Presence. Blue is haze, fog. It was on a mountain shrouded in haze, as we know from the Bible, where the communication with God took place. This is Mount Sinai, where Moses received Divine revelation, and Mount Tabor, where the transfiguration of Jesus took place.

Number: 8

The number of balance (4 + 4) and mediation between the earthly and Divine planes. In most decks, Strength is numbered XI, and Arcana VIII is Justice. From the point of view of numerology, this is more correct. However, Waite reversed the places of Strength and Justice, because he considered such an order to be more correct astrologically.
Number 8 is a mathematical symbol of infinity, representing the cyclical renewal of the Universe and man. Also depicted as an octagon or eight-pointed star, 8 resembles a baptismal font, embodying the idea of ​​forgiveness and consolation.
Eights in the numerology of higher powers are the principle of the principle of karma. The famous proverb “what you sow, so you reap” is the best way to express the spiritual essence of number 8. People living under the energy of this number should realize that power, wealth, authority should not work to create bad karma. All work should be done with the purpose of serving all humanity, and not to satisfy personal ambitions. Spiritual task of 8 is to materialize wealth, follow the path of power, achievements. This should not be for the sake of accumulating and raising oneself above others, but for the sake of achieving pleasure from a job well done.

The esoteric meaning of the eight is a special force aimed at participating in the world of formation, but this force does not come from the 8 itself. It comes from the energies of a higher plane, so the eights should not consider themselves superheroes. We can say that the Universe gave 8 a special gift – to lead, to achieve success, to create strong, well-functioning mechanisms, but not for personal use. Their achievements should serve for some higher, good purposes. If 8 does not fulfill this task, focuses on his ego and drowns in materialism, the Universe takes back its gift. In this case the great success turns into a big failure.

The cosmic vibration associated with the value of the number 8 is direction, activity, planning, observation, arbitration, leading.

This card symbolizes inner strength to overcome obstacles that stand in your way.
It is not brute strength that conquers brute strength. Rather, this is strength of mind that overpowers physical strength.
In almost all legends about people who defeated a formidable monster, be it a lion, a dragon or someone else, victory was won by righteousness, inner fortitude and faith in God, not power.
In this case, the beast symbolizes external obstacles that stand in the way of your spiritual development.
Perhaps this is a symbol of the beast within you, a symbol of your own fears, passions and other qualities that may be stronger than you.
But you can change and tame them if you firmly believe that you are stronger.

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