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Tarot Spread For One Card. The Card Of The Day

What is the meaning of the cards in one card Tarot reading?

The fortune telling for the day or the card of the day is the simplest and fastest prediction that you can do using a Tarot deck. For example, every morning you can draw one card from the deck. In the evening, read its meaning and analyze whether the information that is encrypted in this card has come true.

If we need to get a clear answer to a specific question, then we take only one card of the Major Arcana. In my synopsis for each card of the Major Arcana, you will find the “Answer” – “Yes” or “No” with a short commentary. If this comment seems to you not quite suitable for this question, then correct it yourself, and take into account the general meaning of the card. The interpretation is valid at the moment and in the next three to six months.

Ask the question the way it comes to mind.

A thoughtful formulation in this case does not play any role, you just need to be clearly aware of what exactly you want to know. To avoid any confusion, it is best not to mix several topics in one question. Ask cards for something specific.

Here is a compiled list of the meanings of the symbols of the cards so that you can look into the future of the coming day and walk boldly, armed with useful tips from the ancient Tarot deck.

The Fool
The circumstances will force you to joke, open something new, constantly improvise and take the initiative. In general, this is not a bad deal, because it will allow you to try out the role of a child who does not need to worry, and for which the serious life temporarily becomes a enthralling game.
During this day, you need to keep as far as possible from prejudice and slow thinking. To attract a positive attitude towards yourself, try to show enthusiasm and even go to everyday business with a creative attitude. Don’t be afraid to start everything from scratch.

The Magician
On this day, you can safely take the initiative and take on new things. Your talents and ideas will receive good support today, if only you so desire. Friends and patrons will be of great help. Go ahead decisively! No difficulty can resist the onslaught of your strength.

The High Priestess
The Tarot card of High Priestess says that today is a favorable day to those who trust their own logic and intuition. Feel free to embark on the desired path that you have carefully studied. Do not initiate anyone into your own plans, so as not to provoke unwanted opposition. Pay attention to your dreams, they predict something important for you on this day.

The Empress
A very successful day, provided that you follow the prompts of your own intuition. Your creativity can be put to use. If possible, be closer to nature today. And look for support from women.

The Emperor
Any business that you take up today is doomed to success if you complete it to the end with your best efforts. You have enough strength for all your ideas. Remember what things you put off for later, and get down to them right now. You can also count on the support of a superior powerful person.

The Hierophant
Do not listen to other people’s statements. Look for your own meaning of what is happening today. Any deed on this day should be good. Don’t get involved in conflicts. In the future, your deeds of this day will be reflected and rewarded a hundredfold.

The Lovers
The tasks must be decided at the behest of your heart. However, the Lovers card warns that an easy and pleasant path can lead you into an unseemly situation, so be careful and attentive, fair and decisive. The day is favorable for new love and strengthening of old ties.

The Chariot
A very auspicious day to start everything new. Be bold, make sure you prepare well, and get down to business! When you meet obstacles on your way, know that they are only a small test of your determination. It’s time to move on to a new stage of life.

Today you are strong and full of energy. You can achieve a lot, any obstacles are insignificant for you, and your enthusiasm is infectious. Be confident in yourself and your capabilities. On this day, victory will be won by the one who is pure in intentions and in heart.

The Hermit
A good day for meditation and self-knowledge. It is worth taking on business today without any fuss and pressure. Try to act thoughtfully and carefully. Any little thing can be very important. Do not count on someone else’s support. Keep silent about what you are planning.

Wheel of Fortune
Random events are more relevant today than ever. Even if it seems to you that on this day you are haunted by failures – do not despair. All events will soon turn for the better. To implement plans, you need good preparation. Try to take into account all sorts of options and any little things.

The card of the day today calls for exceptional honesty and decency. You will not be able to achieve what you want with the help of lies and intrigue. But if your goals are noble and kind – now is your time! Also, on this day, there is every chance to feel the consequences of those unseemly (or, on the contrary, very generous) actions you committed in the past.

The Hanged Man
You have to sacrifice something. Whether the sacrifice on your part is voluntary, or whether it is violently torn out by fate, depends on your own person. One way or another, you will be forced to sacrifice something. Be patient and take your time. Everything will return to normal when the time is right.

The Tarot card predicts that on this day something will come to its logical end. Don’t hold on to the past, but let it go in peace, even if you don’t really want to. Your attempts to revive the past will not lead to anything, but will only cause a lot of trouble. Remember, only having freed yourself from the old, the new comes to the cleared place.

Auspicious day. You will certainly succeed! Unexpected profits, pleasant meetings and acquaintances, incredible discoveries are possible. In love and deeds, interesting surprises can be expected everywhere. The only thing this Tarot card warns about is to keep your emotions in check.

The Devil
The card of the day warns you of possible intrigue, deception and gossip. Be extremely cautious and careful. Do not succumb to vindictive impulses and temptations of easy money, do not let jealousy cloud your consciousness. Refuse alcoholic libations and travel.

The Tower
The events of today are destined for you by fate. Perhaps the collapse of plans and hopes. However, this does not mean that the Higher powers are against you. You will see that some time will pass, and the events of this day will have very little meaning for you.

The Star
Lucky day! Take on any business. Today you will succeed in it wonderfully well. Events will give hope for a favorable outcome in an area that is important to you. Perhaps you will define new horizons for yourself. On this day, you can safely trust your partners and loved ones.

The Moon
Cheer up is the motto of the Tarot today. Deception and intrigue are possible, but you’ll be careful, won’t you? The day is conducive to occult sciences and magical mysteries. Trust your intuition.

The Sun
Quiet day. The best scenario for it is to spend the time with the children. Cases will be resolved in a positive manner. An opportune moment for forgiveness and reconciliation. Trust your partner and don’t keep secrets. Enjoy socializing and small pleasures.

The Judgement
The value of the card is a change for the better. There will be an opportunity today to solve not only fresh, but also long-standing problems. Do not miss your chance, be extremely careful and wait for an opportune moment. Perhaps the necessary impetus will be someone from your environment.

The World
Tarot promises – today you will succeed in your plans, and ordinary will give you pleasure. Be in harmony with the world around you, and you will feel a surge of strength and support from space. Insane frivolity and arrogance threaten you with serious trouble today. Be more circumspect, do not participate in scandals and intrigues, do not fuss. Collect more information to implement your plan. Do not be afraid of new things and open yourself to creative impulses.

Of course, there are questions that the Tarot cannot answer.

You will never know anything about names, phone numbers and you will not be able to get any other specific information. You will also not find an answer to the question of when this or that event will happen. If the answer is only “yes” or “no”, then such a question should be reformulated. Only then can you hope to receive advice from the Tarot.

However, despite all the charm of fortune-telling, many cannot get rid of the unpleasant feeling that too much importance is attached to the subject. After all, everyone knows that if you spread the cards five times on the same issue, they, of course, will not say the same thing over and over again. While in science, chance is nothing more than a hindrance that a person certainly wants to eliminate, in the irrational world of fortune-telling, chance is an important source of information. Therefore, scientific methods of proof are not applied to this area of ​​knowledge. The meaning of the spread lies in a random and unique combination of circumstances, which reflects the quality of a given moment.

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  1. After checking out the article on the Tarot Spread for One Card, I’m excited to incorporate this simple yet powerful practice into my daily routine! The idea of pulling a single card each day as a guiding light is both intriguing and practical. I appreciate how the article explains the significance of focusing on just one card, allowing its message to resonate deeply throughout the day. I can’t wait to start my mornings with this mindful ritual, drawing a card to set the tone for the day ahead and gain insight into what the universe has in store for me.

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