Cards of Seven in Tarot

Description and Interpretation of the Cards of Seven in Tarot

What does the card number seven mean in Tarot?

Life never stops. Even with the balance returned by the sixes, which was pleasing after the chaos of the fives, people rarely linger in one place. Having achieved some success, it is only natural to assess the achievements in order to determine the next steps. Sevens bring the energy of evaluation.

Key words and phrases: Choice. Wisdom. Fate. Predestination. Impassive awareness. The need to make a decision. Violation of harmony. Spiritual development. Morality. Divine justice. Mysticism. Magic. Change. Turning point. Riot. Eccentricity. Intuition. Completion of a phase or cycle.

Corresponding Major Arcana card: The Chariot.

Situation and advice: The number “seven” is associated with the Chariot, the planet Uranus and the lunar sign of Cancer. Uranus is the planet of abstract thinking, theory, intelligence, analysis, astrology, technological progress, independence and an impassive search for truth. Cancer is a sign of Water. It is directly related to our feelings. The planet Neptune, the patron of Cancer, is associated with meditation and respite.

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning
The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The presence of sevens in the Tarot spread speaks of an original analytical approach to the study of various issues. Any trip now will be auspicious and enjoyable. Success is guaranteed by work in the field of science, technology or computer technology. You may have the opportunity to write something, do research, or study occult sciences. Now the main focus should be on independent self-knowledge and inner spiritual growth. Relationships with others and affairs at work recede into the background, in the first place is self-knowledge.

Seven of Wands

Meaning: Call. Competition. Protection. Persistence. Aggression. Disobedience. Belief.

Seven of Wands Key words: support, protection, courage, defending one’s beliefs, decisiveness, taking action.

In a reversed position: defensive behavior, overreacting, resentment, readiness to fight.

A defensive stance usually symbolizes that you have something worth fighting for. The Seven of Wands presupposes the need for protection. It’s time to get up and take on the challenge. The fiery energy of the Wands usually indicates that events are developing rapidly, there is no time for reflection and long deliberation. Now we are talking about determining the right path aimed at protecting those in need of protection.

Seven of Wands Tarot Card
Seven of Wands Tarot Card

Seven of Wands is about taking a position. A person’s position is a volitional effort or forceful action that changes the flow of energy in the world for the better or for the worse. Most of the time we go with the flow, like a river. Events and feelings carry us forward effortlessly. Sometimes, however, we are not content with that drift. We want to resist the flow or completely change its course!

The figure on the Seven of Wands appears to be fighting. He is either attacking or under attack, or maybe both. When we decide to take a position, we set in motion the energy of resistance. When we take a firm stand, others do the same. The Seven of Wands means aggression and defiance, because they are two sides of the same coin. You attack, your opponent defends. He counterattacks, you defend.

Some battles are worth fighting, others are just trouble. If you are involved in a conflict, ask yourself if it is worth fighting. Is it really that important? Does it have value? Will the result serve you or others? If so, be bold and aggressive. Defend your position. Do not give up! If not, then consider letting go of this conflict. Be honest with yourself about this. You will be tempted to hold onto your position, especially if you have put a lot of time and energy into it. But don’t let your attack be based on illusions, sometimes the game is not worth the trouble.

Seven of Cups

Meaning: Possibilities. Choice. Wishful thinking. Illusion. Debauchery.

Seven of Cups Keywords: confusion, fantasy, options, imagination, dreams, illusion, lack of focus, wishful thinking.

In a reverted position: fears, the collision of dreams with responsibilities, escapism (the desire to escape from reality into a fantasy world).

Options, opportunities and choices! Tarot teaches the beauty of balance and shows us the results of avoiding extremes. We can be equally frustrated by both the lack of choice and the variety of solutions. The Seven of Cups represents the time of many possibilities, some of which are more real than others. Dreams are powerful and, with careful choice, can turn into goals. However, feeling confused or overwhelmed can lead to inaction.

Seven of Cups Tarot Card
Seven of Cups Tarot Card

Seven of Cups is a card of new opportunities, choices, and sometimes illusions. When this card appears in a Tarot reading, you have many options and possibilities to choose from. But be careful! You are now prone to illusions and unrealistic ideals.

Oftentimes, the Seven of Cups can be a sign of wishful thinking and projecting into the future what you would like to create instead of actually acting in the present to make it happen. For example, you may want a stronger, healthier body until it’s time to get out and exercise. Or you may wish for a successful business fueled by passive income, but you are not ready or willing to work hard right now to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you spend most of your time just wanting but not getting the job done, then it’s time to make a choice and start making your desire a reality.

Seven of Swords

Meaning: Betrayal. Deception. Cunning. Secrecy.

Seven of Swords Keywords: theft, salvation, cunning, dishonesty, sabotage, meanness, trick, traitor, spy.

In a reversed position: exposure, failure of the vile plan, catching red-handed.

The main meaning of the Seven of Swords is to take something from someone or from somewhere. Is such an act a theft or salvation, the card does not explain. It most likely depends on the point of view of a direct participant in the events. If this card falls out, ask who, from whom, what exactly took and why it was done. Then, since the card symbolizes meanness in the first place, consider if there is an easier way to understand the situation.

Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meanings
Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

The Seven of Swords is somewhat similar to the Five of Swords, because both cards are associated with separation from others.

This card sometimes represents the lone wolf style: the desire to live alone and free. In films, the lone hero always acts completely on his own.

He discovers, investigates and solves every problem using only his own mind and resources. He believes he is successful because he ignores the clumsy efforts of ordinary people. You feel that you will be more efficient and comfortable on your own. This approach can really be useful when you are annoyed by the low efficiency of the people with whom you are forced to cooperate, or when you need to assert your independence. But we cannot be happy and productive for long without some kind of community with others. If you feel inclined to go it alone, make sure that this isolation is really what you need right now.

Sometimes the Seven of Swords means you are running from something: devotion, responsibility, hard work, love. You can hesitate in making any important decision, in the hope that the problems will go away by themselves. The Seven of Swords invites you not to run away from problems, but to solve them, otherwise it will only get worse.

Well, the most obvious meaning of the Seven of Swords can also indicate hidden dishonor or deception both in relation to you and from you. This could literally mean theft. Deception or secret intrigue. Be careful.

Seven of Pentacles

Meaning: Long term view. Sustainable results. Persistence. Investment. Grading. Rewarding. Change of direction.

Seven of Pentacles Keywords: assessment, weighing, reflection, calculation of return on investment, harvest, awards, cost estimation.

In a reversed position: disappointment, a missed opportunity, sharing the skin of an unkilled bear, an unfulfilled plan.

After you’ve carefully planned the project and put a lot of work into it, it’s time to evaluate the experience. Are the results as expected? What worked? What is not? What can be done in the future to improve the process? This, of course, applies to both tangible projects and intangible aspects of life. For example, has your social behavior produced the desired outcome?

Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card
Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card

The Seven of Pentacles is a time out. It represents those moments after a burst of activity when we pause to catch our breath and look around. The man in the painting paused to consider the fruits of his labors. In the Tarot spread, the Seven of Pentacles may indicate a reward that will come to you after such a long effort. Take it and enjoy it.

This card is also a call for evaluation. When we’re busy, we don’t always have time to think about what we are doing and why. Are we off course, by any chance? Are we getting the expected results? Serious problems can arise if you don’t summarize at the right moments.

The Seven of Pentacles can also indicate a “crossroads” in your life. We are used to walking on the knurled one. Moving in a new direction is not easy. The Seven of Pentacles can indicate to you that a course correction or even a complete change of course is possible.

The Seven of Pentacles is not a card of endings or final decisions. The game is not over, but only momentarily suspended. Once you catch your breath and check your strategy, be ready to go back and work even harder than before.


The number “seven” represents Yang energy. On the seventh day, the Lord rested, and the sevens in the Tarot spread often indicate the need for rest, solitude, detachment, meditation and reflection. Otherwise, you can expect overwork, anxiety, a feeling of limitedness, physical and nervous tension. Now all attention should be paid to spiritual growth, not material desires. This is a period suitable for analysis, reflection and meditation rather than direct action.

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  1. I would like to add on how I got the Seven of Swords.
    I was planning to buy a car. I agreed with the manager about its payment. He gave me a few extra explanations and reserved the car.
    Then when I arrived at the salon, I found out that my manager had gone on a business trip. The paperwork girl filled me in on some points that the manager didn’t mention on the phone.

    As I understand it, the Seven of Swords meant withholding of information and deceit in this situation.

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