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Knights of the Tarot. Meaning and How to Easily Remember

What is the meaning of the Knights of the Tarot and how to easily remember it?

They are young and active people. You can read briefly and clearly about them below.

The Knights of Tarot meaning indicates a person from 18 to 35 years old. I talked about pages from the point of view of hierarchy in one of my previous articles, and the higher step is the Knights. Let’s look at the example of a family: the younger brother is a page, the elder is a Knight, dad and mom are the king and queen. All pages, like Knights, are divided into elements that fully reflect their character, zodiac sign and even appearance. It’s hard to imagine a bearded and gray-haired page, isn’t it? It looks more like a king. A Knight can fall on an adult who should grow up since a while.

Knights are considered the most capricious and fickle of court cards. They are often unpredictable, harsh, chaotic. With all their being, they strive for action. They can also be stubborn and incredibly focused, always busy with the business that captured their attention. Knights are usually more interested in their lives than in the lives of those around them. But they are endowed with a certain strength or ability, although they sometimes lack experience and genuine authority. Any of their actions will influence the situation, according to which the alignment is made. Their influence can be both positive and negative. Knights are difficult to control, especially when they are focused on their own goal. However, if you manage to grab their attention and interest in your own business, they can channel their irrepressible strength in the direction you need.

Key words: Knight, Horseman, young man. In business and practical deeds: the transition from words to deeds, active progress. Pay attention to the speed with which the riders are moving: the Rider of Swords rushes headlong, Rider of Wands jumps forward briskly and energetically, Rider of Cups rides slowly, Rider of Pentacles stands. This indicates the speed of progress in business. A Knight’s suit may indicate a mode of transport. And also the suit can indicate exactly where the trip will be.

Knight of Wands. A Real Leader.

Key words: Activity, courage.

Value of the card: A determined, active, energetic young man, always ready to help. True friend. Young enterprising businessman. Athlete. Traveler. Maybe a foreigner. Courage, honesty, enthusiasm. He is striving for fame, leadership. Competition, rivalry. Rapid and successful development of the situation. A trip to distant lands, a long distance. Traditionally, this card symbolizes departure, distance. Modes of transport: train or car. It is possible to travel south to a country with a hot, dry climate.

Upside Position: Courage and determination. Active action.

In a reversed Position: Overly arrogant, proud young man. Striving for success at any cost. Waste of energy, excessive enthusiasm. Individualism. Separation, breaking of ties, when all friends disperse in different directions.

The Knight of Wands is someone whose actions in a given situation are dictated by his will. He strives to achieve something very specific and really wants to achieve this with his own methods, without stopping at anything. This Knight rushes so passionately towards the goal that he can inadvertently sweep someone out of his way. If his will reflects the will of the querent, the card is treated as a beneficial influence. If not, the querent may be put in a stalemate. Such energy and force often does not last long, and sometimes it is enough just to wait out this outbreak or pass by.

Wands are the element of fire, which is responsible for creativity, marriage, love for something. It is a fire that lights up in us when we want something badly. It burns when we acquire a profession that brings us the joy of creation.

The Knight of Wands is a young man with a bright appearance and the same character. People notice them and listen to them. The thing is that under the sign of fire, leaders often come to our world. It is this that leads all the signs of the zodiac – Aries, and behind him Sagittarius, Leo. They are noisy, bright, healthy people.

The Knight of Wands at work is an extraordinary creative person, inclined to unite the team into a single whole in order to achieve a common goal. These young people are often noticed by management, thanks to their ability to unite and find a common language. They go up the career ladder very quickly.

The nature of the Knight of Wands is not distinguished by impulses. It is a smoldering state of war that can be entered over time. In which case, they will splash out on you all the lava that has lain at the bottom of the soulful volcano.

Special Features of the Profession of Knight of Wands

The profession of a Knight of Wands is absolutely any activity that you like. The card advises you to choose only what you are drawn to. Of course, it is possible to classify a number of professions according to the Wands and many would say that this is any creative work. And under creativity, we often see only artists and singers. This is a big mistake. Creativity manifests itself in a person in everything. The man who invented the stick with the stone also developed it, and later an ax appeared. Someone in ancient times invented the wheel, but we already have cars. This is the very fiery chain process. When one thing lights up, then everything will burn.

The reversed Knights of Wands are people who do not have mental or physical strength. They are unable to create. Perhaps stress, apathy, or a long war ruined their mental strength. In any case, they need to start over. A new muse that will bring love to this person’s life will make the heart light up again!

Knight of Cups

Key words: Romance.

Value of the card: A romantic, dreamy, sentimental young man. Beloved. Successful promotion in love affairs. Date. Marriage proposal, matchmaking. Nice romantic trip. A trip to the sea, to rest. Walk on the water, in a pleasant company. Traditionally, this card symbolizes approach, arrival, appearance. Visit of relatives or guests. Smooth, unhurried development of events. Please note: for business, the cards of the suit of Cups cannot be considered reliable. This suit is good only in those matters that are associated with emotions or artistic pursuits. Transport: water. A trip to a country with a humid, mild, maritime climate is possible.

Upside position: Calm, unhurried course of events. Success in love affairs.

In a reversed Position: Deceiver, flatterer, cheater. Unfaithful lover. Unreliable, although seemingly very pleasant person. Hypocrisy, deception.

A Knight of Cups is someone whose actions are driven by emotions. His heart is focused on something (perhaps a vision, a quest, or a creation) or someone. In this case, he completely devotes himself to the voice of the heart, rejecting everything else, regardless of the consequences. He does not think about anything else. Only his supposed love, aspiration, poetry, art, dream are important. It will be extremely difficult to get the attention of such a keen Knight.

Cups are water, which is responsible for our emotional background. This is communication, this is love, friendship, abuse and much more. Do you not know. The Knights of Cups have the gift of finding a common language with everyone, everywhere. They are not alone, but this also drives them out of themselves. A huge number of people are always annoying and distracting.

The character of the Knights of Cups will seem like paradise to someone, but this is only because you do not know them closely. A young, sweet, smiling person is able to masterfully hide what is going on in his soul or what it really is. Such people are underground leaders who know how to manipulate others on the sly. They differ in that they do not like to strain and prefer to do their work with someone else’s hands. The main negative trait of their character is emotional instability, which often leads to nervous breakdowns. According to the zodiac sign, Knights of Cups are more often found among the water signs of the zodiac: Pisces, Scorpions, Cancers.

Special Features of the Profession of Knight of Cups

The profession of a Knight of Cups is all any public relations and with people. They make excellent holiday organizers, translators, diplomats. Such people should choose a profession that offers work with water or liquid. For example sailors, or any chemical industry.

The reversed Knight of Cups is a quarrelsome person who always complains about failure to everyone. The problem is the harm of this individual. He often likes to pin up and quietly taunt others and slander for no reason. Nobody likes that, right? This behavior has consequences: a lack of friends, and a lot of enemies who want revenge. A reversed card will indicate problems with speech, diseases associated with the throat.

Knight of Swords

Key words: Swiftness. Aggression.

Value of the card: A daring, unrestrained, hasty young man. Duelist, badass. Military, “a man with a weapon”. Aggression, assault, insult. Haste, speed, suddenness of events. Very fast progress in business, but due to carelessness, failure is possible. A lot of running and moving. An unexpected urgent trip. Modes of transport: car or plane. A trip north to a country with a cold, windy climate is possible.

Upside Position: Act as quickly as possible!

In a reversed position: Reckless, absurd person. Danger due to haste, carelessness. You can get into a stupid, ridiculous position. Panic, flight. Fall, injury. Failure to travel due to speeding.

The Knight of Swords is someone whose actions in a situation are dictated only by dedication to an idea or way of thinking. Such a person sincerely believes that his decision or way of thinking is correct. He will use his ability to speak and negotiate to overcome all possible obstacles for the sake of his ideal. His weapons are logic, rational argument and proof. He is ready to use them to destroy any objection. Judging by the speed, he most likely does not pay attention to the danger, he lacks a strategy or a larger plan. However, if you get his attention and make him focus on something, his help will be invaluable.

The element of Swords is air. It is distinguished by sharp gusts and hurricanes, even in hot weather. Zodiacally, this group includes Gemini, Aquarius and Libra. A Knight of Swords is a person who has a pleasant temperament until you get in his way. He is not afraid to draw the edge of his sword.

The character of the Knight of Swords can sometimes be confused with the amiable Knight of Cups. They also know how to behave respectfully, to smile, but they are distinguished by cold-blooded aggression and fearlessness. Knights of Cups think soberly and always try to analyze people’s behavior. The state of mind of the Knight of Swords is mild anger. Imagine that you are annoyed by someone. As a result, this mental discomfort leads to later outbursts of aggression. These young people will methodically go towards their goal, carefully putting the heads of rivals in a bag.

Special Features of the Profession of Knight of Swords

The professions of the Knight of Swords are the military, pilots, surgeons, doctors, equipment designers, machine builders, workers in factories. Why? The answer is simple, the Knights of Swords succumb to metal and air.

The reversed Knights of Swords are not prone to aggression. They usually hide it in themselves for fear of conflict. Perhaps because they are afraid of losing something. They are distinguished by apathy for life and the absence of any goals. They have no desire to change anything. This condition causes stress and is accompanied by depression. A reversed card will indicate an imbalance in human behavior and the need for change. Take action, you need a new goal!

Knight of Pentacles

Key words: Reliability, hard work.

Value of the card: Reliable, serious, hardworking young man. A good, executive worker. Gradual improvement in career, promotion in commercial affairs. Work for the sake of earnings, practical benefits. Hard physical work, the person “plows like a horse.” Patience, hard work, perseverance. Unhurried course of events. Traveling with a large load, with goods. Commercial business trip. Transport: land, cargo. A trip to the west, to a country with a temperate climate, to a European business city is possible.

Upside Position: Patience and hard work will pay off.

In a reversed position: Slow, stubborn person, hard to climb. Inertia, inhibition in business. Delay of transport on the way. Hard work without results.

The Knight of Pentacles is someone whose actions are motivated by resources, finances, or the material world. Everything he does is subordinated to a material goal. In this area, it is important to choose the right moment, so the Knight watches, biding his time. He knows that it’s not just what you have and how you use it, but when you use it. He has enough patience and endurance for a long chase. Attentive and intelligent, he knows the value of active surveillance. At times he may seem passive and weak, but this is far from the truth. At the right time, he takes a step and rarely makes mistakes in it. Of all the Knights, this one is the most reliable in long-term projects.

Pentacles are the element of the earth. It is responsible for the physical component in our life: property, money, health. The Knight of Pentacles is a person from 18 to 35 years old, a distinctive feature is a penchant for the exact sciences.

They are interested in home and career. His whole life revolves around money and work. Maybe he will be interested in art or re-reading novels at night? No, it’s boring for him. The Knight of Pentacles is interested in career and hoarding. Does this mean that it will be like this for the rest of your life? No, a person has the ability to change, for example, if he falls in love, then instantly turn into a Knight of Cups.

Special Features of the Profession of Knight of Pentacles

The profession of the Knight of Pentacles is not only everything related to mathematics, economics, accounting, sales. It is also agriculture. Such people know how to work with the land and they make excellent farmers, who nowadays very decently earn on growing various crops.

The Knight of Pentacles at work is a mid-level manager with an average salary. Why? We recall the hierarchy from page to king, where the king is the general, and the Knight is his assistant or deputy. In any case, this is better than being a page with a small salary.

The character of the Knight of Pentacles is commensurate with his earthly zodiac sign: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. He is a stable, very hard-working person with good health. So in life, these people love a permanent relationship, travel abroad on a schedule, dinner clearly before 18:00.

The reversed Knight of Pentacles is a lazy person who doesn’t want to learn not to work. Obesity and lack of money are his constant companions, later health problems and failures in his personal life will be added to them. This situation can only be corrected by working on oneself and by realizing that one needs to move forward, and not to sit still.

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  1. “Knight of Swords” as a card of the day could mean a cold weather, staying in an unheated room, cold and frost in the literal sense.

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