Pages In Tarot. Pages of the Ink Witch Tarot Deck

Pages In Tarot. A Quick Way to Remember Them

What is the Meaning of a Page in Tarot Spreads?

The Pages reveal a group of court cards in the Tarot system. It is useless to memorize them, but you can understand what will be discussed below.

The Page in Tarot carries the image of a child and this is immediately noticeable in the picture. All Pages are divided into 4 elements: Cups, Pentacles, Swords, Wands. Each of the elements reflects the character of this young character.

In the classic Tarot of Ryder Waite, all Pages are boys who convey not only the image of a child, but also a hierarchical meaning. After all, a Page is a servant of the court! Of course, in our time, such things will seem strange and even wild to many, therefore, in modern Tarot decks, court cards take the images of a family, where Pages are children, parents are the king and queen, and older children or adolescents are knights.

Pages are young, either by age or in a particular situation (they may be inexperienced regardless of age). Usually they are enthusiastic about learning something new or mastering a new business for them, but they can also be nervous because they are not confident in themselves. Pages have no authority or influence. Rather, they play a supporting role. More often than not, they tend to be involved in a project. They are willing to help in order to become part of something greater.

All Pages are characterized by curiosity, skepticism, courage and fear. They may feel a little unstable, so they are grateful for support or guidance. In return, they can offer loyalty and enthusiasm.

Key words: page, messenger, child, teenager, information, conversation, intellectual activity, study. In business – the birth of a new idea, the beginning of a process. Inexperience, discipleship.

All Pages are at the mercy of the elements, which reflect the essence of their character. When meeting them in Tarot spreads, pay attention to the cards that lie next to each other so as not to confuse the interpretation and here’s why. The thing is that over time the Pages have changed in our perception.

Page of Wands

Extraordinary personality or “I am an artist, I see it this way”.

Key words: Good news. Delight.

Value of the card: An energetic, active, sincere child or teenager. Trustworthy messenger. A new promising idea, the beginning of activity. Splendor, admiration. Amazing, stunning, joyful news. News from abroad. An official statement, declaration, proclamation of something. Posters, presentation, advertising. Public speech. Loud fame, fame. Academic success. Excellent passing the exam, winning the school Olympiad.

Upside position: Ability to effectively declare yourself. Joy.

Reversed position: Bragging, arrogance, demonstrativeness. Premature announcement of your plans. Excessive enthusiasm, unjustified optimism. There are many great ideas, but they are not being realized.

The Page of Wands is curious, but lacks experience and confidence. Give him a helping hand, give him direction, but be careful not to hurt his ego. He is afraid to look funny and make a fool of himself (or let others do it to him). He does not like to sit still for a long time.

Page of Wands Tarot Card
Page of Wands Tarot Card

The lack of activity makes him nervous and bored. He, with his need for external assessment, anger, incontinence, outbursts of anger, may need help. Give him the opportunity to explore, grow and shine, and you will have an energetic friend and helper.

The Wands are responsible for the element of fire. The Page of Wands is a creative person, because fire always gives to a person brightness and temperament, at the same time giving him emotional instability (which must be worked on throughout life). The little Page of fire is a very active, passionate child. It is impossible to force him, he can only be interested by igniting in him a spark of desire to do something. These are little artists, dancers, singers, actors, people shining in the crowd. Their main strength is attracting people to them. Such a Page will not make an ideal assistant accountant or sales manager, but if he or she finds himself in creativity, he will give the world the gift of seeing beauty in the gray everyday life. According to the signs of the zodiac, the brightest representatives of the wands are: Aries, Lion, Sagittarius.

Also, a Page of Wands will indicate news of a new job or an offer of cooperation, a new love and also pregnancy.

Page of Cups

Charming and sociable.

Key words: Good news. Courtesy. Love correspondence.

Value of the card: A sensitive, affectionate, sweet child or teenager (maybe a girl). Beloved child. Younger brother or sister. Good news. A letter from a lover. Love correspondence, pleasant conversation, compliments. Poetry. Study of literature, art, psychology. Courtesy, helpfulness, courtesy. Sympathy, interest, attraction, inclination. A pleasant meeting, an invitation to visit.

Upside Position: Courtesy. A pleasant message from a loved one.

Reversed position: Flattery, temptation, beautiful speech. Excessive courtesy, fake compliments. Nice promises that can’t be trusted.

The Page of Cups takes himself very deeply, truthfully and seriously. When he is involved in a business that pleases him, he wants to dive headlong, let the experience unfold, learn everything that is possible. The Page of Cups reveals himself and is therefore very vulnerable. Guide him gently, protect his heart, and help him to not become cynical.

Page of Cups Tarot Card
Page of Cups Tarot Card

Immaturity, unrealistic expectations, oversensitivity, and a tendency to be secretive can slow its growth. An experienced mentor can help him overcome these waters and earn the affection of a loving and devoted friend.

The modern Page of Cups often plays out in spreads, like a sweet and talkative child who is not afraid of anyone and easily makes contact. In a reversed form, on the contrary, self-contained, rude, angry at the world, there may be problems with recitative, etc.

It would seem quite obvious interpretation both in the image of the card and in the meaning, but not everything is so simple. The Page of Cups indicates important news, a pleasant conversation on the phone, as well as pregnancy.

Let’s not forget about hierarchy. If a Page falls out in the Tarot spread for search of work, it does not bode well except for a low-paid position of a junior employee or an errand boy. Why? Remember the social hierarchy of the Tarot: first comes the King, Queen, Knight, and only then the Page. This correlates with the system of organization of the company: general (King), deputy (Queen), leadership (crowd of Knights), subordinates (Pages).

What can a Page of Cups look like in reality? This is a young man or girl of fragile physique under 20 years old, blue-eyed, sweet, helpful and sociable. It’s scary to yell at such a person, because he or she is very emotional, because their element is water, and it is responsible for emotions. Strengths: can persuade anyone to do anything, charming, act intuitively. Weakness: they are not ready to take responsibility, they can blurt out too much, slander, they often want to outweigh the responsibilities on someone else. Also, any water sign of the zodiac can be attributed to such a person: Fish, Cancer, Scorpio.

Page of Swords

Honest and bold

Key words: vanity, nervousness.

Value of the card: Restless, nervous, intelligent child or teenager. Vanity, doubt, anxiety, anxiety. Fast, ever-changing information, a lot of conflicting news. Telegram, short letter, phone calls, SMS messages. Account, calculations. Computer work. Studying computer science, mathematics, electronics. Fast, nervous intellectual activity.

Upside position: fast exchange of information.

Reversed Position: an excess of meaningless, chaotic information. Intelligent overload. There is a lot of fuss, chatter, running around, empty talk, gossip.

The element of air favors the Page of Swords. In Tarot spreads, he can act out, of course, like a fidget child. He does not know how to sit still and all the time tries to do something.

Page of Swords Tarot
Page of Swords Tarot

Not in words, but in deed! Naturally, the Page will indicate news or a call, but with the characteristic shade of a sword! Perhaps you will be hooked on your opponent’s witty joke, or bad news, especially if it is the reversed position. I repeat once again, always pay attention to the adjacent cards in the Tarot spread. After all, a Page is always a faithful assistant. Horoscope: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

The Page of Swords is smart and usually he knows this. He learns quickly, learns complex ideas with ease. He is also deeply in love with the truth and devoted to it for its own sake. He often divides what he sees only into black and white. He gets angry when others cannot keep the rhythm set by him, and he gets bored when he is left without a task that is challenging his mind. He has a good command of the gift of speech and usually does not hesitate to use it to get what he wants. Without active passion for business, he can become the object of rumors. Teach the Page of Swords to use his keen mind and see the shades of gray in our world.

Pages of Pentacles

Little collector.

Key words: Commercial news. The documents.

Value of the card: Calm, serious, judicious child or teenager. The news about practical, commercial matters, about receiving money. Registration of financial or official documents. Commercial offer. Business plans and ideas, business project drafting. Practicality, sanity. Thoroughness, accuracy in business. Serious learning. Studying finance or a practical craft. The beginning of a professional path, apprenticeship. If a businessman gets this card, then it may indicate that the entrepreneur is still a beginner in commercial affairs, he is just learning.

Upside position: Careful and accurate drafting of documents. The news of the money.

Reversed position: Sluggishness, inhibition of thinking. Learning difficulties. Cramming. Additional check during paperwork. Delay in business due to bureaucracy, too much thoroughness.

Page of Pentacles Card
Page of Pentacles Card

Pentacles always indicate the element of earth. The earth gives a person the energy of accumulation. This is all that we earn during life and that remains with us, and then goes into it. People of Pentacles, including Pages, are prone to bookkeeping, physical strength, and this is all sports, construction, etc. A Page of Pentacles shows a physically healthy child with analytical skills more often than not, and sometimes a greedy one, especially if the card is in a reversed position. It is a great helper in household or financial matters. This never spoils anything, everything is subject to accurate counting and storage. According to the horoscope, this person can be: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

The Page of Pentacles is interested in what he considers the “real world”. He wants to understand cause and effect and apply this knowledge to his, albeit limited, resources. A practitioner by nature, he values ​​efficiency, but this trait can turn into laziness, just as the desire to achieve results can turn into greed. Give him a little work and realize what he is capable of. Most likely, he will surprise you. He will need a little help and guidance to see what is under the surface of the material, and to understand that not all consequences and aspects necessarily have a physical embodiment.

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