The Laws of the Universe

The Laws of the Universe in the Tarot System

What Laws of the Universe we learn from Tarot?

Let’s get familiar with the basic Laws of the Universe, which are built on a number of general principles.

The very word “principle” means the basis, the beginning, the basic, initial position of anything, and also this is the driving force underlying other truths, laws, provisions. In the material world, principles are manifested through laws. At the human level, laws become facts of our life. Law is the force that maintains connections in a particular system.

Law of the unity of the whole

This law tells that the world is one and this unity is manifested in all things, phenomena, processes. The same laws govern the entire world. All that exists is a manifestation of the One, and is the One itself. (Aries – Arcana Emperor).

The law of accumulation and conservation

It involves the preservation of basic elements (matter, energy, information, experience). (Taurus – Arcana Hierophant).

The law of unity and struggle of opposites

This law implies duality. Manifestation in our world is born from the interaction of two principles, opposite to each other. The active masculine principle is Yang and the passive feminine principle is Yin. Each state finds its beginning in the opposite (inhalation-exhalation, night-day, etc.). Our life is inconceivable without opposites, it contains birth and death, love and hate, friendship and rivalry, meeting and parting, joy and suffering, loss and gain. A person is also contradictory: he, on one hand, strives to ensure that his life is stable, but at the same time, a certain dissatisfaction drives him forward. In the world of opposites, the person seeks to find the lost unity with himself, with other people and with life itself. Everything has a beginning and an end, it is the earthly cycle and the cycle of life. Sometimes, in order to understand something, you have to lose it. One opposite cannot exist without the other: in order for there to be day, the night is needed. (Gemini – Arcana The Lovers).

The law of evolution

It implies a process of continuous, gradual change, transformation and development of the Universe. (Cancer – Arcana The Chariot).

The law of hierarchy

Existence is divided into levels. The entirety of one level enters as an element into the whole of the next level. And each element of which it consists is the whole of the previous level. For example: cell, person, humanity, Earth. This is the principle of the dependence of the whole of the lower level on the whole of a higher level, the need for the subordination of the first to the second. (Leo – Arcana Strength).

Law ​​of similarity

In the “Emerald Tablet” by Hermes Trismegistus the following is formulated: “what is above is like what is below, and what is below is like what is above”. Any whole is like the world as a whole, and, therefore, any integrity is like any other integrity. Thus, this principle gives us the opportunity to learn about the world by analogy. In our life, there are no casual counterparts. We attract to ourselves not the people we want to attract, but those who are like us.
Those who are sent to us for experience are lost. Those who are sent to us by Fate remain. (Virgo – Arcana the Hermit).

The law of plurality

The existence and development of all living things occurs as a result of the interaction of any whole with another whole of one level, as well as with any whole of the previous and subsequent levels. Everything that exists is interacting with each other, exchanges energy and information. (Libra – Arcana Justice).

The law of denial

It’s implying that development occurs in a spiral motion and the return to the past does not occur completely, the development does not repeat the past paths, but there is a search for new options that correspond to the internal and external conditions. (Scorpio – Arcana Death).

The law of transition of quantitative changes to qualitative ones

That law means that an increase in the number of changes leads to a change in the quality of the matter itself. Quantitative and qualitative changes are interconnected and affect each other. This is a transition from the lowest to the highest, from the old to the new. (Sagittarius – Arcana Temperance).

The law of cause-and-effect relationships

The Law of Karma. “Every deed and every action has consequences equal in strength to the actions taken”. But the cause-and-effect relationship does not always have a beginning in past incarnations.
There is Karma of the past, but there is also Karma of the present, which we form by our own actions, through living in this world. (Capricorn – Arcana Devil).

The law of cyclicity

All development occurs cyclically, and the change from one state to another occurs with a certain frequency. (Aquarius – Arcana the Star).

The law of uncertainty, or freedom of choice

This law tells that with the same impact on the same systems, different results are obtained. The more conscious are person’s actions in choosing the paths of his further development, the more difficult it is to determine its result. (Pisces – Arcana The Hanged Man).

As you can see, the connections are well traced in the Tarot Arcana. Not being able to see and understand how the Laws work in a particular card, it is difficult to understand the entire system as a whole. And it is one whole.

Our Earth is a planet of the solar system. It also includes 10 planets that revolve around it. We have already noted that principles are manifested through laws. The laws are represented by the 12 signs of the Zodiac, and the principles are the manifestations of the planets:

The solar system consists of seven levels of different densities: physical, astral, mental, buddhic (intuitive), and atmic (superconsciousness).

The physical level contains four states of physical matter: fire, water, air, earth. It consists of 5 levels with which the inhabitants of the earth interact. These levels correspond to the five human senses:

  • physical level – sense of smell – earth
  • astral level – touch – water
  • mental level – vision – fire
  • buddhial (intuitive) level – intuition – air
  • atmic level – hearing – ether.

In the etheric level, which is a transitional level between the material world and the astral, there are imprints of everything that happens on earth (from every thought, word, action, etc.). When a person takes the path of spiritual growth, he thereby develops his five levels of feelings. Thus, a person’s consciousness changes and it appears to see any action not fragmentarily, as is typical for most people, but as a whole.

And so, we have analyzed the basic laws and principles of the Universe, which are universal and are manifested everywhere. Planets are principles that are a kind of energetic component: intermediaries between the material world and the spiritual. That is why it is important to realize the principle, to gain experience on it. And their impact on the physical world goes through 12 lower levels, through the signs of the Zodiac, which make up one cycle of development. Each sign of the zodiac is a specific phase in the development of the cycle. Everything that is embodied in this world has a cyclical development of the process. The Earth’s axis has a spiral movement, which indicates that the movement of the Earth is changing in relation to the entire outer space, due to which the person is tuned in to all new flows of energy from space. Thus, the development of the person himself takes place.

12 lower levels of the physical world are the signs of the zodiac. The zodiac symbolizes evolution, represents an alchemical picture of the development of the world.

10 planets are the guides between the physical world and the spiritual. They are divided into personal, social and higher.
Personal planets: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, which symbolize the personal qualities and properties of a person, his manifestations and environment.
Social planets: Saturn, Jupiter. This is a manifestation of a person in society and his relationship with society.
Higher planets: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. These are the highest vibrations of such planets as Mercury, Venus, Mars. They are associated with global phenomena occurring in society. At the level of an individual, these are cardinal changes in life.

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  1. Very interesting material. But I would like to add that now the World exists not thanks to the Laws, but rather in spite of it. The universe has become in this sense much more plastic and meaningful.

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