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Many people dream of opening the veil of the future. You can trust your intuition, try to achieve insight or a state of altered consciousness. The more popular methods include fortune-telling and omens. The system of predictions based on Tarot cards belongs to fortune-telling. Moreover, the situation that needs to be interpreted in the context of the future can be created artificially. All the details of the deck are homogeneous, but at the same time, each of the cards is assigned a separate value and meaning.

The predictor assumes during fortune-telling that the universal connection of events and situations that exists in the world will display objects in the way they will be in a situation that is just about to happen. You can ask the cards as many times as you like, but there is a general recommendation in this regard: for one questioner, you can lay out cards no more than 2-3 times. Often people ask the same question in different forms several times in a row, asking again and again to make a prediction. However, the Tarot cards will not change their minds in a minute, or five, or in thirty. The cards can clarify the prediction only if you have any changes in your life. This can be compared to a painting depicting two faces, one of which is imperceptible at first glance, and then imperceptible out of habit. Only outsiders will be able to point out what was both in plain sight and hidden from perception. The same deep and intuitive perception of the world is needed to understand the essence of Tarot cards.

A tarot deck is a tool, thanks to which a person can look into his inner world, understand the true meaning of past events, evaluate the present, and look into the future. The archetypes depicted on the cards invite you on an intriguing journey into your consciousness. This journey will help you understand your shortcomings, teach you to conduct a sincere internal dialogue. Tarot is a tool for working on yourself, developing intuition, and uncovering what is important in your life.

The interpretation of the meaning ​​of the cards in the spreads is only a part of a large process. The fact is that most often people ask cards not to predicting their future, but to give an advice that would help them end the painful period of doubt and uncertainty that prevents them from moving on. You can often hear that the predictor programs a person for a certain way of solving problems, sets him in a direction, thereby limiting the questioner in his choice. This is not true. Tarot helps to see the circle of possibilities, leaving the person to choose the scenario for himself.

The cards hint to the right decision in any situation, give advice for the most seemingly insoluble situation, comfort in sorrow, and give a grain of happiness. If you master fortune-telling on Tarot cards, their predictions can become your constant companions and assistants in resolving life situations.


There are no rules. All rules are there to be broken.
You can hear and read a lot about the Tarot, but most of the information will seem contradictory to you. Listen, read, discuss, try and choose the systems that suits you. Nobody except you knows exactly how you will read or work with cards.


Choose a deck that you find attractive and appealing.
Choose the deck that looks right to you. The one with which you will be comfortable communicating with. Make sure it resonates with you in terms of artistic expression and attitudes and myths (worldview).
Learn all the time: even if you have a favorite deck, go through other decks and interpretations and compare them.
If you are interested in the origin of symbols in the Tarot, then study at least one traditional deck and find out where its main symbols came from.

Reading cards

At first, try to work only with cards in an upright position. It will be easier for you to read the reversed cards after you study well the basic meanings of the Arcana.
Hold on in case you get stuck reading. Do not be afraid to look for the meaning of cards in literature – sometimes one phrase is enough to open the whole story to you.
Relax, breathe, look at the card, close your eyes and feel how the card affects you. See what this Arcana is, and what element it represents, look at the number, look at the colors, and then start fortune-telling with the help of your intuition.
The first thought is the best. Keep your interpretation simple Turn it into a story.
Use all your senses. Let pictures, words, songs, feelings come to your mind. Then tell a story using all of this.
Try not to view any Tarot card as good or bad, but as containing a range of values.
Cards that tend to have negative meanings are not always played out unpleasantly, such as Death and Tower. They do not mean what they picture in a physical sense.
Sometimes you can “explore” the card as a multidimensional space and speak from this place.

Your uniqueness

Get to know yourself.
Each tarot reader is unique. Be yourself.
Tarot communicates with different people in different ways. Pay attention to the specific communication methods of Tarot with you. Your uniqueness matters and this awareness will help you build deep trusting relationships with the cards as you divine.

The main thing is… just START, and if you make mistakes, learn from them!

Cards help to foresee the future, which depends only on you: you just need to correctly choose the right scenario.

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