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What Is The True Nature of Tarot Energy?

Predicting what a person will have is good. Giving advice is better. And practically helping him, or telling him what to do to change the situation is the best thing. Influencing the situation and changing the situation is magic. In the case of Tarot meditation, this can be called magic. But here I would call it a more environmentally friendly process, because it’s not a total breakdown of the life path, when “here I want us to be this and that”. This is magical practice in the truest sense of the word. Here we still have this desire, this flow through ourselves, and some kind of correction takes place, so it’s not a rigid “I want it this way or such an event” anymore, but more harmoniously, more smoothly. And therefore, practice does not come into conflict with fate, with your life path, or some other moments.

The 22nd Arcana is your Life Path. All authors love to write about this. We start with the Fool – we are born as a nobody. Then we go along the 21 Arcana and improve ourselves. First, we live in The World and quiet (21), then something will knock on our head (20), and we want to get to the Magician (1). Or vice versa: the first Arcana the Magician is an act of creation, conception, breakthrough. We discover the world. Then the High Priestess and the Hierophant teach us, we somehow develop and achieve harmony with the World. When we have achieved this, then we again become the Fool. And get through the second round. This is like Samsara.

Sometimes we need to correct something in our life in order to return to this Path, to somehow align it. Here the meditation on the Tarot Arcana will help us.

You evaluate your life situation, some of your state. Either this is a specific everyday problem (there is not enough happiness in life) or some kind of spiritual aspect. We choose the appropriate Arcana, conduct the appropriate meditation, appropriate work, and immerse. And for us this idea falls off, or we achieve our goal. In any case, we feel good. This is the peculiarity of a harmonious process – the result may vary, but it is exactly what you need.

There are two influences. We can conditionally divide them into two, because no one knows where their border lies. It is the psychological and the magical aspects. What is meant by psychological influence? In each Arcana symbols are enclosed. In Major Arcana this is expressed most vividly because many authors have drawn them for a very long time, worked hard, and put their soul into it. The symbolism is complex and multifaceted. The characters which are drawn, the colors, gamma, and so on. Even if you do not know it, it (the influence) is triggered by the very fact that you are looking at them. This is the very first level of work: you look at the Tarot card, and certain processes take place in you.

When we begin to immerse ourselves in these symbols, look at them, imagine them, experience them, we are working on an unconscious level. And if you plunged into the Arcana, you pushed this process in the right direction, it (the unconscious) begins to send signals back to you. At the same time, your Life Path begins to change somehow.

Another influence is magical. The Tarot Arcana have different connections. The most typical and familiar is the connection between the Major Arcana and Kabbalah. There are 22 Arcana, and there are 22 channels. They must be combined. How exactly they relate? Options are possible. For us, from a practical point of view, this is not very important. Kabbalah is responsible for a certain energy. It is the energy of the Earth, the mind of the Earth. Cosmic or divine energy if you like. These are just different names, the essence does not change at all. And with each of these energies is associated an Arcana. Therefore, when we take the Arcana, we take this energy, and we pass it through ourselves. We can let it in, we can let it out. We are entering into energy interaction.

The Arcana can be taken in different ways and you can get different results from it. In the psychological aspect, we need to know for what purpose we are going there, and what we want: some kind of spiritual renewal, insights, something else. In the energetic meaning: on which chakra we intend to focus our energy. The skills required for the job are minimal. You must be able to imagine something, to have the skill of visualization, and to know a little about what the Tarot is. It is advisable, of course, to remember what the cards look like. And work a little with energy, for example, at least roughly understand where the chakras are.

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