Ethics of Tarot Reader

Ethics of Tarot Reader

What are the Professional Ethics for Tarot Readers?

Confidentiality – If a Tarot reader is a professional, he maintains confidentiality, regardless of who turned to him for help.

Tarot specialist is a specialist. Do not have the illusion that he is personally interested in you. Yes, it sounds cruel and offensive, but it is a fact. The Tarot reader is interested in your problem, your cockroaches, and, at most, people in general. Tarot reading is a profession, and the Tarot reader is a professional who studies how the instrument works in relation to living people, how his (Tarot reader’s) ability works. The Tarot reader is aimed at efficiency and most of such specialists (if they really work, and do not just pretend) have so many “working contacts” that they simply do not have time to keep the previous consultation in their mind.

If the Tarot reader is not sure that he can maintain his professional position, he does not work, no matter what conditions are offered to him. Sometimes it happens. And therefore, in the world of Tarot readers, there is an unwritten rule: to avoid working with close relatives and friends. This also applies to working with oneself.

It is unethical to do Tarot spreads on third parties without their consent.

For mums, dads, close friends and their own lovers, it is POSSIBLE to do Tarot spreads. There is only one “but”: only very experienced and psychologically sophisticated tarologists can do this. You should not strive for this on purpose, because there is not much point in this. There is only one motivation that makes the Tarot reader want to learn to “guess for their close ones”. This is the desire to gain power over them, to manipulate them, even if this motive is deeply hidden by the unconscious.
For example, similar questions are often asked.
“What kind of relationship do my husband have with his ex?”
“How is my mother’s health?” (this is my mother’s health and I will not delve into her broadcast without her permission, even if the client is directly related to this issue)
“How my child does at the university?” (it is better not to watch over children that are 12 years or older without their permission, they are independent personalities)
“What is my husband’s mission?” (invite your husband for a consultation)
“What are my friends talking about among themselves? Are they discussing me?” (The topics of conversations between other people is a private territory. Though it is quite possible to ask “How does the team treat you?”).

You cannot lie about the spread, do not come up with an interpretation that you like better or come up with something of your own, so as save your face.

Tarot cards are a system for a person and about a person. Therefore, it is “alive”. And sometimes, some things can be closed “here and now” for viewing. Very often, when a Tarot reader “does not see” it is a symbol of the fact that “there is no need to look there”. Not now. Or maybe not at all. What can be said to the client? If this happens at the beginning of the path in the profession, or just very often, do not hesitate to ask for help from more experienced specialists!

The Tarot reader is respectful of colleagues.

The Tarot community exists, even if we are not really a member of it. This is a common field, and what happens inside it affects all participants. Speaking negatively about coworkers brings a shadow over yourself. People still see behind this most of all your self-doubt, a way to assert yourself. This happens even if you kick yourself in the chest with a heel and prove that the other specialist is “from the evil one”. Take care of yourself and your craft and it will attract many more clients than slinging mud at your colleagues.

The principle of “DO NOT HARM”. The information obtained during the session should not be traumatic.

Thist is not about embellishing or distorting the results of the Tarot spread, but about the fact that it is necessary to work out the style of presenting “not very positive” information, always accompanying it with psychological support and an attitude towards the possibility of changing and mitigating problematic moments. Unambiguously, the state of mind of the person at the end of the session should not be worse than before.

The consultation must be paid one way or another.

Either material reward, or detailed feedback (when it’s a free promotion or it is help). In any case, you should get a certain “return”. There is another option, energy, but very few people use it, so here it does not really matter.

There has been a lot of debate on this topic, and I will just mention here that it is very important to decide for YOURSELF what size and type of remuneration would be optimal for you. Inconsistency of payment for the work done (both up and down) is fraught with internal conflict for the Tarot reader and will negatively affect the quality of services.

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