Cards of Three in Tarot

Cards of Three in Tarot: Description and Interpretation

What is the Meaning of the Number Three Cards in the Tarot?

The number three is endowed with a special meaning for humanity, and the feeling of its importance passes through generations. Anecdotes, for example, most often consist of three sets before the climax. Stories have a plot, a development of the action (climax) and a denouement. The pagans have three faces of the goddess, the Christians have the Holy Trinity. Three means the level of completeness, logical conclusion, closed loop.

The three symbolizes the first stage of growth, laid down by Aces and Twos.

The number three has long been a symbol of sacredness and order. It carries great value. For example, in religion the number 3 personifies the Trinity, and in folklore – the “three pillars” on which the whole world rests. The three is even present in many esoteric practices: spitting over your shoulder three times, taking an oath, reading an enchantment.

In numerology, the number 3 means an energy flow that permeates all spheres of life, but in particular sports, science, art, literature, religion and magic. Of all the numbers, the number three is characterized by the deepest secret: life, the universe and mysticism are associated with it. It personifies love, peace, harmony and goodness.

The collective image of Threes is positive, despite the fact that the Three of Swords is not. Threes are perspective. This is growth.

The number “three” refers to the Yang vibrations, and is also associated with the Major Arcana of the Empress.
The threes are stable. While the Two is imbalance and constant attempts to find balance, Three is the next step, in which the situation of choice ceases to be such, certainty appears, movement appears. Threes are favorable for any endeavor: a new relationship, a new job, a new project.

Key words and phrases: Creativity. Height. Development. Increase. Prosperity. Extension. Revival. Fertilization. Study. Openness to the whole world. Start of execution. Enthusiasm. Preparation. Perspective. This is the first stage of growth. As a result of the combination and fusion of opposites, a completely different element is formed that combines all possible differences. Fusion of sperm and egg. Three is a number that corresponds to a person’s genitals.

Situation and advice: The number “three” is associated with the card of the Empress of the Major Arcana, with the planet Jupiter and the astrological signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is the planet of luck, fun, friendship, expanded horizons, communication, trade, openness, independence, self-expression, creativity, optimism, growth, broad nature, pride, ambition, broad prospects, travel, higher education. The negative aspects of Jupiter are vanity, laziness, superstition, exaggeration of one’s own merits, high conceit.

The appearance of Threes in the Tarot spread indicates a period of personal growth, creative development, self-expression, popularity, self-improvement, and broadening of horizons. Creative projects will be successful. There is a chance of getting a promotion at work. The likelihood of a long journey. Perhaps you will soon have a new romance. But there is also a negative side. This is overwork at work, excessive extravagance, wasted energy, nervous tension, emotional disorders.

A card of Three in the Tarot spread often means the need to relax, have fun, devote more time to communication. This is a very suitable time to realize your literary talent, teaching ability, try yourself as a presenter on TV, etc.

Three of Wands


Key words: optimism, expectations, attraction, law of attraction, readiness, culmination, percentage of investments, concentration.

Reversed position: delay, frustration, missed opportunity, wrong judgment, bad decision, hindrance, dissatisfaction.

Three of Wands perfectly summarizes the Ace and the Two. The beginning – an inspirational idea – continues with the right choice of actions that lead to the result. This card signifies a positive embodiment of expectations and the outcome of decisions made. The ship is not unloading yet, but it is already in the harbor. By remaining focused and attentive, you can successfully return from the voyage, and get a good percentage of your investment. The cycle is almost complete.

Three of Wands Tarot Card
Three of Wands Tarot Card

It is a Tarot card of vision and foresight. If we want to see further, we must go higher. As we climb, we increase our visibility range and rise above the situation. We kind of disconnect and get the true perspective.

In the Tarot spreads, the Three of Wands may advise you to look at the situation from the outside, do not react harshly and quickly, but step back and think well. This card asks you to be a visionary – to dream big despite current restrictions.

Looking ahead is an aspect of leadership is another meaning of the Three of Wands. When we are forward-thinking, we have the knowledge to guide others to their better future. One who knows the path can show it to those who follow it. When you see the Three of Wands, just know that now is the time to believe in yourself and that you can lead others where you need to.

The leader not only sees far away, but is also ready to go there first, if necessary. Three of Wands is also a card of research. Compare this card to the Fool, who is also at the edge of the cliff. The Fool dwells in innocence, not realizing that he is going to fall to the will of fate. The adventurer in Three of Wands is also ready to step forward, but fully aware that he is taking this step. His courage is more conscious, though less spontaneous. Three sticks encourages you to fearlessly move into new areas. Let the ships on your horizon carry you far into unknown seas.

Three of Cups


Key words: friendship, family, friendly parties, joy, fun, forgetfulness, prosperity, connections, enjoying the moment.

Reversed position: excessive love for parties, hangovers, awkward situations, feeling of abandonment.

When people get together and rejoice at each other, they experience the Three of Cups. Differences do not separate them, but rather develop better qualities in them. As a result, everyone feels at their best. In addition, they like to feel the warmth of communication with each other. It is a closed cycle of warmth and acceptance, simple joy without goals and background, pure enjoyment of the pleasures of life.

Three of Cups Tarot Card
Three of Cups Tarot Card

Three of Cups is a card of celebration, friendship, sisterhood and creative collaboration. Your friends and family are here to support you and take you to an even higher level of success. Celebrate with them and enjoy their fellowship.

I love Bridget Esselmont’s analogy that this card is reminiscent of the wonderful bond shared by four female characters in Sex and the City – Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. They support each other, and they are ready to do anything for the sake of the other, although at the same time, each of them makes their own way in their careers and relationships. Almost every episode shows us how they enjoy each other’s company. We feel that these girls will be friends forever and we know that they can always count on each other.

When the Three of Cups appear in the Tarot spread, we are invited to get together with our closest friends and have a good time together, talking, laughing and sharing the common joy. We give each other the love, support and compassion that each of us needs at certain times. Your energy is so high right now that you can do amazing things in collaboration with others.

Three of Cups often indicates the celebration of a significant event – perhaps a birthday, wedding, graduation, or a vacation with friends. Consider this as an opportunity to dress up and forget about everyday worries for a while. Allow yourself to enjoy the company of your loved ones.

This card also encourages us to team up to create some great projects. Together we can achieve much more impressive results than alone.

Three of Swords

broken heart
emotional pain

Key words: unpleasant knowledge, painful truth, broken heart, pain, betrayal, treason, lie.

Reversed position: confusion of position, painful misunderstanding, evil words, black lies, unnecessary cruelty.

The Three of Swords shows how words can hurt, how truth can hurt. Truth and communication are the reality of the Swords, but sometimes the heart does not hold out and the Swords cut off what was once dear to us. Feeling, honoring, and mourning the loss is necessary, but it’s all too easy to drive oneself into obsession by continuing to walk in circles and assure that the pain is fresh and that healing is impossible.

Three of Swords Tarot Card Meanings
Three of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

You open the door to find your partner in the arms of someone else. You hear your best friend laughing at you behind your back. You will find out that your business partner has been cheating on you for years. Suddenly your world is turned upside down. You are overwhelmed, disbelieve, and finally heartbroken.

The image on the Tarot card of Three of Swords clearly describes this sudden pain. You literally feel like someone has taken a sharp object and stuck it into your heart. Even something as insignificant as a sketchy comment can make you feel this way. Please note that there are not many symbols on the card 9just a heart and three swords), but anyone can easily guess what it is, because when your heart breaks, you feel that your very being at the moment is an open wound.

In Tarot spreads, the Three of Swords often represents unpleasant moments that life can sometimes throw at us. Betrayal, loneliness, rejection, separation. These events hurt the heart because they strike us when we least expect them to. If you pulled this card out of the deck, you may not always know what it relates to, but Three of Swords is always a very valuable warning. There is probably something wrong in your life that you are not aware of. Or you know. but don’t want to admit. Study the situation carefully. Talk to people who can support you. Don’t take anything for granted. Listen to your inner voice, it will help you find the problem.

Chances are that you are about to hurt someone else. It is important to remember that each of us is capable of cruelty. We are all human and make mistakes, sometimes serious ones. After all, all we can do is believe in the goodness of life and try to live up to that belief. If you have slipped, forgive yourself and try to forgive others in turn.

Three of Pentacles


Key words: teamwork, creativity, skilled labor, creation of something valuable, contribution to the project, disclosure of opportunities.

Reversed position: ineffective group work, slipshod work, unwillingness to work, ignorance of input.

When an idea is combined with great planning and skillful execution, the result is usually amazing. When these three elements combine for a higher purpose, the outcome is phenomenal. Three of Pentacles can mean the achievement of goals by a team or by an individual who combines all these elements, applying them to his own creation. It is collective or individual labor, the cycle from inspiration to embodiment is complete.

Three of Pentacles Tarot Card
Three of Pentacles Tarot Card

Many robbery movies show us the preparation that goes into a dangerous mission. Team members strategize, coordinate resources, and use their skills and ingenuity to accomplish the mission. This is the Three of Pentacles in action: teamwork, planning and competence.

Three of Pentacles is one of the Tarot cards that focuses on the group. (Three of Cups and the Hierophant are the other two cards, they are all about groups of people, but have a different focus). Because the Pentacles are grounded and practical, this card is a task-oriented team of people who work together towards a common goal. There is work that is best done alone, but the Three of Pentacles is a sign that now the work will be more productive if you work with others.

This card can also indicate the need for planning and preparation. Now is not the time to rush into something or start a project with only a vague idea of ​​what is at stake. You need to think through everything, go through all the possibilities and make sure that you have worked out the details. Do these chores and your business will flourish.

Another feature of the Three of Pentacles is competence – the ability to do your best job. How rare it is these days! This card tells you that you have the skills and knowledge that you need. You can attract capable people and create a successful venture. Know that the situation is (or will be) in good hands, but remember to continually improve your work. Take pride in what you do and how you do it, and then everything will be within your reach.

The appearance of any Tarot cards of Three in the spread indicates a period of personal growth, creative development, self-expression, popularity, self-improvement, and broadening of horizons.

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