Information That Is Read By Tarot Cards

Information That Is Read By Tarot Cards

What information is accessed by the Tarot cards?

Often people who take the Tarot in their hands for the first time and begin to make layouts ask questions.

Let’s try to reflect.

Where does the information come from?

Papus believed that Tarot cards draw their information from “some kind of database” where there is everything about our past, present and possible futures.
Also, this “database” may have a name – the Akashic Chronicles. The connection to this database is possible with the help of clairvoyance, astral travel and mantics (in our case, with the help of Tarot).
The sensations at the moment of connecting to the “database” are practically similar to an altered state that we feel during ritual actions. This is an altered state of consciousness.
The Tarot reader, through being in such a state, can know in advance what cards will fall out in the Tarot spread. No problems and difficulties arise with the interpretation of the spread, because all the meanings come by themselves. Even more, in such a correct state, he can begin to say things that are not in the cards. This may mean that that flow of information just did not fit into the cards at the moment, but the Tarot reader was able to read it.
In your work, it is enough just to be receptive and trust the deck, because it is it who connects you to the flow of information.

Does the quality of information affect the physical condition of the Tarot reader and his mood? Do you need to take into account the lunar cycle?

It is believed that working with Tarot cards during eclipses and on the client’s birthday is unfavorable. It is believed so because on these days the energy around is simply “boiling”, which can cause mistakes in your vision of information.
The same applies to the physical condition of the Tarot reader. During a period of such discomfort, there is a great likelihood of a distorted reading or incorrect interpretation of the information that has come. The database is always impartial and indifferent. This suggests that only the person can be wrong.
Therefore, a Tarot reader needs to approach work only when he feels that he is able to detach himself from his affairs and experiences and become as “pure” as possible, impartial when reading the Tarot spread (which is why we often come across questions – why can’t I see the situation for myself? .. ). The mind and emotions must subside.

But there is one more important aspect – it is necessary to learn how to clearly convey to the client the situation seen on the cards. But even with all the professionalism of the fortuneteller, there are no guarantees that the client will perceive everything exactly as you tried to convey to him. Therefore, the main rule is not to think out anything and not to fantasize.

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  1. Information is power! It allows you to be more in control of your life and easier to get what you want. And tarot gives such an opportunity.

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