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Description and Interpretation of Nine Cards in Tarot

What does a card of Nine mean in Tarot spreads?

All the cards with the number of nine, including the Major Arcana Tarot card of the Hermit, depict a lone figure. There is a sense of loneliness hidden in the idea of ​​completeness. These cards focus on the personal experience. In the moments that the nines represent, it is vital to define who we are and who we will become as we master the situation. The situation itself forces us to face what is extremely important for us.

Nines in the Tarot are an indicator of performance, which is the result of our actions.

Key words and phrases: Approaching the end. The final stage. Achievement. Summing up before the end of the cycle. Preparing for the transition. Dreams. Completion of cases. Creative energy. Compassion. Wisdom. Understanding. Service. Mysticism. Bravery. Craftsmanship.

Corresponding card of the Major Arcana: The Hermit.

Situation and advice: The number “nine” is associated with the Hermit card, the planet Neptune and the zodiacal signs of Aries and Scorpio, ruled by Mars. Neptune is the planet of compassion, charity, selflessness, mysticism, understanding and brotherly love, but also disorder, fantasy and self-deception. The appearance of nines in the spread indicates the completion or end of affairs. Perhaps you are letting go of the past and making way for the future. Cars and other equipment breaks down. Trade is favorable. Long trips are possible. You may be interested in charity or humanitarian aid.

Nines represent Yang energy, which is associated with completion and ending. Now all the attention should be paid to a successful ending. This is not the right time to start new projects and promises.

Nine of Wands

test of faith
defensive reaction

Nine of Wands Key words: protection, guard, endurance, loyalty, strength, discipline, wounded warrior.

In a reversed position: hopeless cause, martyrdom, betrayal, stubbornness, defensive behavior.

The energy of the Nine of Wands is similar to the energy of the Seven of Wands, but at the same time it is strikingly different from it. This card indicates that the battle is already underway and the wounds have been inflicted. The Seven is a battle card and also a symbol of its end.

Nine of Wands Tarot Card. The Rider–Waite Tarot Deck
Nine of Wands Tarot Card

The fight is over, but it looks like the war hasn’t been won. But despite the bruises and wounds, courage and strength remained, and there is a feeling that, even when left alone on the battlefield, the warrior cannot afford to fall.

After a bad experience, we feel tired and hurt. Even if we are not physically injured, our psyche is injured. Our openness, innocence and trust disappeared, giving way to a careful defense.

In a Tarot spread, the Nine of Wands can be a warning to proceed with caution. Watch closely because there is a chance that you will be hurt. If you’ve already experienced this, you know how this person is feeling. Life lessons are sometimes difficult, especially when hopes are dashed. It’s natural to be on the defensive at times like this, but try to avoid being bitter. Your experience has hurt you, but it has also strengthened you.

Strength is another aspect of the Nine of Wands. The fighter on the card is a tough nut to crack! He has physical stamina and an inner drive for consistency, despite all the setbacks. This card tells you to keep going no matter what. Even if everyone and everything seems to be against you right now, don’t give up. Within you are the hidden reserves taht you need in order to win.

Nine of Cups

fulfillment of desires
sensual pleasures

Nine of Cups Key words: fulfillment of desires, satisfaction, contentment with life, pride, hospitality, sensuality, base pleasures, happiness.

In a reversed position: excessive self-indulgence, arrogance, displeasure, resting on laurels, selfishness.

Traditionally, the Nine of Cups is considered a wish card. In the past, the Tarot interpreters asked the applicant to make a wish, and if this card fell out, then the wish will come true. In a Tarot spread, it symbolizes contentment with life and prosperity. The tables on which the bowls stand are hidden under the tablecloth. We usually need to work hard to achieve and maintain emotional satisfaction in life. The emphasis here is not on the effort, but on happiness.

Nine of Cups Tarot Card. The Rider–Waite Tarot Deck
Nine of Cups Tarot Card

Remember those moments when you look around and feel that your heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for everything that you have created in your life? This is what the Nine of Cups is: emotional satisfaction and happiness. When this card appears in the Tarot spread, you are happy with all aspects of your life: relationships, work, lifestyle, and more. You bathe in the abundance of life and get a thrill from it!

This is why the Nine of Cups is often referred to as a wish card. This is a sign that the Universe is on your side and you have everything you wanted. If you made a wish and patiently await its fulfillment, then this card is a great omen that it will soon come true.

The Nine of Cups is an invitation to lavish, pamper and enjoy life’s pleasures. This includes enjoying good food and wine, art, making love, and relaxing in a luxurious place. Live in the moment and allow yourself to indulge in pleasure temporarily without feeling guilty about the possible negative consequences of such pleasure.

When you see the Nine of Cups laid out is a Tarot spread, be sure to express gratitude for what you have. Begin or end each day by making a mental list of the three things you are most grateful for. Over time, you will increase your sense of contentment and your ability to attract what you want to yourself – this is the Law of Attraction. If you’re struggling to find the positive side of life, expressing gratitude can help you see that you have something to be happy about.

One thing to keep in mind with the Nine of Cups is that it sits on a wooden bench that is only comfortable for a limited period. Realize that contentment and self-realization are also only temporary, as everything is always in a state of change. This is why it is so important to appreciate and cherish what you have now, because it may disappear later or you may need to adjust and adapt.

Nine of Swords


Nine of Swords Keywords: obsession with one’s thoughts, insomnia, nightmares, anxiety, guilt, depression.

In a reversed position: insomnia, possible abuse of sleeping pills.

Most people are familiar with the state that the Nine of Swords represents. Who among us has not suffered from temporary insomnia, which leads to persistent anxieties and obsessive thoughts? Instead of sleeping, time is spent worrying, remembering mistakes, or suffering over a disturbing situation. In this case the logic that the Swords represents is shrouded in emotion, which only intensifies the nightmares. Such cycles are rarely useful, and sometimes it seems that it is impossible to break out of them.

Nine of Swords Tarot Card Meanings. The Rider–Waite Tarot Deck
Nine of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

Please note that the figure on the Nine of Swords lies in bed, because it is at night that our sorrows and regrets are activated, plunging us into a pool of despondency. The darkness consumes daytime anxiety, leaving us alone with our thoughts. Who hasn’t been lying awake at 4 am, full of worries and not knowing what to do? The Nine of Swords symbolizes misfortune that can befall us at any moment.

Unlike the pain of the Three of Swords, which seems to come from the outside, the Nine of Swords represent the pain we generate from within. We are overcome by fear, doubt, and anxiety. Have I done enough? How is it going to work out? What should I do? Thoughts are spinning and spinning, and cannot be silenced.

Guilt is another source of pain. When we have done something that we believe is wrong or hurtful, or failed to do what we thought we should have done, the suffering can be very real. It’s worse when we don’t do anything to relieve the bad feelings or make them go away. Sometimes the pain of life is so strong that we cannot stop the flow of sobs.

Needless to say, the Nine of Swords isn’t the nicest of cards, but it doesn’t always indicate serious disaster. This card is often a warning to your inner guide that the path you are walking can be difficult. If you take the Nine of Swords in this spirit – as a sign of caution – you can use this information constructively. Study your situation carefully to make sure you are making the best choice. Even a small change can make a difference.

Nine of Pentacles

financial independence

Nine of Pentacles Key words: discipline, self-confidence, personal achievements, material wealth, safety, security, solitude.

In a reversed position: rash actions, dissatisfaction, seeking external approval.

The Nine of Pentacles symbolizes that wonderful moment when the goal is achieved and the result makes us endlessly happy. However, the card means more than just accomplished intentions. This is the realization that you have built for yourself exactly the life you dreamed of, and do not depend on anyone. The situation is woven around someone who is confident, knows himself, knows how to achieve results and is disciplined enough to channel skills for his own good.

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card. The Rider–Waite Tarot Deck
Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card

The woman on the Nine of Pentacles strolls leisurely through the gardens of her estate. She is clearly a refined and elegant lady, so it is somehow ridiculous to see a bird on her left hand trained to hunt and kill on command. Falconry is an unusual hobby for a noble woman, but it is the falcon in her hand that is the key to the special character of this card.

On the one hand, the Nine of Pentacles represents all the most gracious, noble and civilized. Art, music and other forms of beauty that are part of our physical world (Pentacles). Coins are present on this card, but they are concentrated at the bottom, near the Earth. Work is extremely important, but we should not focus constantly on practical issues. We can also enjoy wonderful things. In a Tarot spread, the Nine of Pentacles may imply an interest in them. It is also a sign that you may have to give up rude or offensive pursuit of the higher goals.

The Nine of Pentacles can also be a sign of discipline and self-control. This woman is enjoying her beautiful life because she has mastered her base instincts. Her impulses work for her because they don’t control her. The falcon symbolizes everything dark and rebellious in human nature. Our shadow side can also serve us very regularly and bear fruit, but only when we have learned to direct it. Sometimes the Nine of Pentacles suggests that you must exercise restraint and composure if you want to achieve your best results.

This card is also a sign of self-confidence. Sometimes you have to trust your ability to handle a situation. Resist the temptation to let others do for you. You must take matters into your own hands. Our elegant lady did just that. She believed in her fortitude and determination and now enjoys everything that life has to offer her.

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