Dedication to the Art of Tarot

Dedication to the Art of Tarot

Dedicating your time to the Art of Tarot

Tarot is one of the oldest divination methods. The 78 tarot cards can predict what your future will be like, whether you will be in good health or not, will you get married, or if you’ll find yourself in a good financial situation.

Tarot Cards are divided into the Major Arcana, which contain 22 cards, and Minor Arcana, which contain 56 cards. The images of Major Arcana show the path of the Spirit in the world. The cards of Minor Arcana show all the details of everything you want to know. In the 22 Major Arcana, strange, dark, colorful images of bright colors (red, blue, yellow, pink, green, black) are placed. The history of human experience develops in them and behind the images there is a secret knowledge of the world. The 22 Major Arcana cards contain a codified message that uses three interdependent criteria: colors, counts and numbers.

The secret system is well founded and analyzes only the spiritual and eternal soul of a person. Tarot also uses Minor Arcana, which is aimed at analyzing problems of the physical plane. The entire Arcana system is built on intuition, not reason. Tarot deciphers the secrets of fate. Some Tarot readers use only the cards of the Major Arcana for fortune telling (cards that have images) but for clear and accurate prediction, they use all Tarot cards.

Each Tarot card has its own interpretation, but in Tarot the meaning of a card is influenced by the cards that follow it or on the cards that preceded it. Thus, Tarot is a logical game of numbers, where each part depends on the other, and that is why only an experienced person can correctly interpret the meaning of the Tarot cards.

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  1. Great article!

    It’s rare for me to write something like this about an article. But this one deserves it. And the essence is not even in the Tarot… Let’s go in order. Tarot is my hobby, but not so much in fortune-telling, how much I like to sort through and examine these cards. I loved to sort through cards since childhood. I even remember the book was about tricks, and I was flipping through the pages to see the beautiful drawings.

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