Cards of Eight in the Tarot

Description and Interpretation of the Cards of Eight in the Tarot

What does a card of Eight mean in Tarot spreads?

The number eight is full of power. The force that usually propels us forward, often at a tremendous speed. In this case, the figure eight that is turned horizontally becomes the symbol of infinity. When this Power closes in a loop, it becomes a real trap.

Eights in the Tarot represent cause and effect processes and links to a relationship with time.

Key words and phrases: Strength. Success. Recovery. New directions. Completion of one stage of the project and the transition to another. Choosing new priorities. Transition to a new phase of the cycle. New paths ahead. Balance. Stability. Control. Reorganization. Company. Performing abilities. Harmony of opposing forces. The death of the old helps to clear the way for the new.

Corresponding Major Arcana card: Strength (or Justice in some Tarot decks).

Situation and advice: The number “eight” is associated with Force, the planet Mars and the astrological sign of Capricorn, whose patron is Mars. Mars, the Greek god of war, symbolizes strength, leadership, self-confidence, impulsiveness, endurance, will, performance, leadership. Capricorn is a sign known for its ambition, efficiency, organization, imperiousness, tendency to structure, methodical thinking, seriousness, perseverance, practicality. For this zodiac sign the social status is of great importance.

The appearance of eights in the Tarot spread draws attention to karma, the structure of life, money, finances, career. In the first place are power, recognition, achievement, payment of past debts. You can get a big break or make a significant leap forward. If the Tarot spread is generally positive, then the eights may portend a possible win in the sweepstakes or in the lottery. You can expect significant changes in your relationship. You can change your place of residence or otherwise change your living conditions. Perhaps you will have a pay raise or some other significant income related to your social status. Traveling during this period of time is undesirable.

Eight of Wands

fast action
the change
travel by air

Eight of Wands Key words: speed, swiftness, change of events, travel, lead, communication, smooth and consistent course of events.

In a reversed position: chaos, confusion, delays, frustration (feeling of anxiety, hopelessness), an attempt to swim against the stream.

The Eight of Wands brings speed and power to the game. Events have already been set in motion and are nearing their logical conclusion. The result will not come as a surprise, it is already known and expected.

Eight of Wands Tarot Card
Eight of Wands Tarot Card

An attempt to change the planned outcome will lead to chaos. This card traditionally means exchange of information, communication, and travel.

In a Tarot spread, the Eight of Wands is often a sign that now is the time to declare yourself. All resources are ready to work for you if you don’t hesitate. Strike while the iron is hot! If any events develop around you, then development will occur quickly. You may feel that you are caught in a whirlwind of events, but soon the dust will settle and you will see that your plans have come true.

The Eight of Wands often means receiving news or new information. You might see or hear something important. News may appear in disguised form, so be on the lookout. Pay attention to everything that comes your way soon.

This card can also mean the end. Eight wands on this card symbolize not only setting some events in motion, but also their completion. It seems that the Wands in the picture are finishing their flight and are already descending to the ground. If you see the Eight of Wands spread out, then it might be time to finish what you were doing. In any case, this must be done quickly.

Eight of Cups

moving on

Eight of Cups Keywords: quest, travel, search, detachment, displeasure, misfortune, mission.

In a reversed position: calming down, being content with the second grade, escaping from reality, looking for excuses.

Eight of Cups is an ambiguous card. It describes a situation that, on the surface, might appear to be good, almost acceptable. However, the problem is that in the circumstances something is wrong, a vital element is missing. Until this key element is found, the situation will not be satisfactory. The card means a challenge: it’s time to embark on the necessary journey. Leaving the usual comfort for the sake of the unknown is sometimes not easy, but in this case it is necessary and inevitable.

Eight of Cups Tarot Card
Eight of Cups Tarot Card

I once read from a psychologist that when a group is about to break up, the members of the group give subtle signs. They are late for appointments, communicate less, and seem distracted. At some level, members know it’s time to move on, but they need time to prepare for a breakup.

This process is applied in many situations when the end is nearing. Nothing is permanent in life. Sooner or later, everything eludes or we elude it. Eight of Cups means those moments when we realize once and for all that the past is gone. What was true is no longer true. Signs of change are everywhere and we must embrace them. It’s time to move on.

Moving can mean physical changes such as leaving your job, location, or relationship. It can also mean an inner change: the release of old attitudes, especially those that dominated our thoughts and emotions. In the Eight of Cups, we see a man leaving on a long journey. He turned away from his old feelings (bowls / river) to embark on a new path. Sometimes moving forward can mean looking for a deeper truth or reality. One day we wake up and realize that we have been asleep for our entire life – we have lived in a dream that no longer satisfies.

Some of the changes can be tedious. The end is not always easy for us. One of the signs of being ready for completion is a lack of energy. When you feel tired and discouraged, you know something is wrong and it’s time to take a new direction. It’s time to reconsider your life and your priorities. You will definitely find what direction you need to take in your life and move on.

Eight of Swords

negative thoughts
victim mentality

Eight of Swords Keywords: trap, restriction, dangerous situation, disability, helplessness, serious problems.

In a reversed position: the perception of the victim, giving up, creating problems where there are none.

This card symbolizes a rather hopeless situation. Being bound, deprived of the ability to see, surrounded by swords and water, it is very difficult to take any action. However, for all the complexity of the situation, the card also shows advice on how to get out of it. The suit of Swords says that logic and calculation will help you.

Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meanings
Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

The presence of water means the presence of emotions that only worsen the situation. Step away from emotions, search for a solution using logic, and you will find a way out.

The woman on the Eight of Swords is lost and alone. She cannot see because she is blindfolded. She cannot reach out her hand because she is bound. She cannot move freely because she was imprisoned with eight swords. She seems to have wandered far from home, and her castle is far away on a hill. How can she come back? She doesn’t even know where to go. The Eight of Swords means those times when we feel lost, confused and powerless. Help and relief seem to be far away.

Sometimes we feel limited by circumstances. One day we wake up in an impossible situation. Dead-end work. Troubled relationships. Mountains of debt. How did it happen? We have no idea. Even small problems can make us feel trapped. It looks like there is no way out. Sometimes life seems great, but it’s just a superficial feeling. It happens that we have no apparent reason to be unhappy: there is wealth, all loved ones are alive and well. We try our best to be happy, but there is no happiness. We ask ourselves why, but we don’t see the answer. We just don’t know. We are confused and insecure.

In a Tarot spread, the Eight of Swords is often a sign that you are heading (or are already) in a situation in which you will feel a lack of freedom and choice.

When you see this card, remember that there is always a choice and you have power over the situation. No matter how trapped you feel, you can find a way out if you believe it is possible. The girl on the card can free herself, but she prefers to stand in a daze. She can loosen the ropes, free herself, rip off the bandage and scatter all those swords. The solutions are not always easy, but they always exist. Find your clarity of thought and purpose (the ideal of swords) and use them to take the first step towards home (yourself).

Eight of Pentacles

repetitive tasks
skill development

Eight of Pentacles Keywords: work, skills, mastery, artistry, diligence, dedication, concentration, drive, certainty, measured process, confident progress, successful work, attention to detail.

In a reversed position: low-grade work, workaholism, boring work, fatigue.

The Eight of Pentacles illustrates the expression “Mastery comes with experience”. It means the opportunity to develop your skills and grow both in work and art. The card focuses on attention to detail and technical excellence. The goal is the best possible result, but the work itself is also enjoyable.

Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card
Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card

Fatigue is not a problem, as it is the enjoyment of the process and the determination to hone skills that build strength. Another expression that fits the card is, “If you do something, do it well”.

The main idea of ​​the Eight of Pentacles: hard work and attention to detail. This card often implies a time of great diligence and focus. The Eight of Pentacles represents the times when you have to give 110% of your effort. Just buckle up and do it. Fortunately, this kind of work is invigorating and leads to excellent results. The work of the Eight of Pentacles is deeply satisfying and productive.

The Eight of Pentacles can also symbolize an impulse to learn and expand horizons. Sometimes we need to develop new skills. We do research, dig up facts, or seek experience. The Hermit is looking for inner knowledge, and the person on the Eight of Pentacles is looking for outer knowledge.

The card advises you to take your time and check all the details. Now is not the time to be sloppy. Look for mistakes to make ends meet.


Eight (consisting of two fours) personifies Yin energy and is associated with personal strength, promotion, harvesting, material acquisitions, decisive but tactful implementation of personal plans. Like four, eight is a karmic number indicating that you reap what you sow. Like a four, a card of eight in a Tarot spread can indicate real estate transactions or the resolution of legal issues.

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