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How Does The Universe Give Clues And Advice Through Tarot Cards?

How to get clues and advice through Tarot Cards?

Our study of the world takes place in several dimensions. Someone is trying to get to the bottom of the truth through philosophy, others prefer only scientific data, and someone is more pleased by immersing himself in religious beliefs. In fact, these are three routes that allow us to understand, from different points of view, where we live, how harmonious our relationship with reality is, and whether there is a response.

If we talk about the relationship with the Universe, then many believe that it’s one-sided. We were born, but no one looks after us. The Universe seems to us to be a silent, cold and dangerous place, which does not care about 7.5 billion people huddling on a tiny planet in outer space. Interestingly, an online Tarot divination would argue with this.

Of course, there are supporters of the opinion that people are still being looked after. This can be done through higher powers, guardian angels, God or the Universe. There is an opinion that there is a Higher Intelligence, which for some reason gives us hints and leads us through life.

Whatever the reality and truth is, people still find themselves in a difficult situation. Let us assume that the Universe is nevertheless favorable to us and gives certain hints, advices and even leads us through life. But how does this manifest itself? It is unlikely that information comes straight to your forehead, and the Universe does not intend to lead you by the hand, and show the direction each time.

No, most likely, if this help is shown, then imperceptibly and as fleeting signs. And this is the main problem. Most people wander in the dark and get stumped because they don’t see clues and pass by unique opportunities. We wander in darkness, but there are instruments that play the role of a searchlight, indicating the help from the Universe.

One of these “spotlights” are the magic Tarot Cards. This ancient deck contains a large number of different spreads, covering a wide range of topics and requests. If you need a hint from the Universe, then you should use the Tarot reading on the card of the day.

This option for making predictions really differs from the classical fortune-telling. Usually, you come up with a specific question or problem. For example, you quarreled with someone, broke up, dream of knowing the future, the outcome of the deal, reconcile or not, meet a soul mate, etc.

But the card of the day is strikingly different, because no one asks questions here. All you need to do is relax and choose a single card from the deck. As a result, the system gives out the meaning and interpretation of the symbol. It plays the role of that very clue from the Universe.

In this situation, there is not an answer to the question, but hints about how favorable today or tomorrow will be, what dangers are waiting around the corner, what events and moments are worth paying attention to and what opportunities are forbidden to pass by. This way, instead of blindly living the day, you are given a free guide with a route and useful pointers.

This version of fortune-telling acquires great value for those people who are tired of wandering in the dark, constantly facing problems, missing fateful chances and choosing existence over life. The card of the day allows you to fix everything and pay attention to those things that will improve your reality or save you from fatal mistakes.

The importance of the card of the day lies in the fact that it covers a short time period for the advice. This is usually 24 or 48 hours, which allows for better planning of actions in the near future.

In addition, you get a chance to test your luck. Try the fortune telling about winning the lottery. You will spend your money much more wisely if you know the prediction of the chances of getting a winning ticket.

Another important Tarot Card spread is fortune-telling to fulfill a desire. It is suitable for those who are confused and begin to lose faith in their dream. The Tarot spread will tell you how close you are to the goal, what needs to be done to speed up the process, and whether it is possible at all in your case to realize what you want. It may be that you are wasting your time and it is the right time to switch to something more useful and achievable.

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  1. Personally, I realized for myself that you should not engage in fortune-telling, but you can ask for advice if you are in a difficult situation.

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