Cards of Six in Tarot

Description and Interpretation of the Cards of Six in Tarot

What is the meaning of six cards in Tarot?

Fives break the stability established by fours. After the chaos, the sixes return things to their normal state and calmness. Roles redistributed, goals clarified and awards presented. To create a new order, sixes focus on collaboration and relationships. There are those who help and support, and there are those who receive help and support. In part, interpreting this card, you need to determine what your role in this situation is.

After the difficulties that the Fives bring us, the Sixes in the Tarot promise us new means.

Key words and phrases: Harmony is restored. Justice. Equilibrium. Honesty. Restored balance. Peace. Confession. Reward. Values. Benefits that have resulted from a particular behavior in the past.

Corresponding card among the Major Arcana: The Lovers.

Situation and advice: The number “six” is associated with the Lovers Tarot card, the planet Venus and the astrological signs of Taurus and Libra. Venus is the planet of harmony, love, romance, marriage, peace, beauty, luxury, art, music, cooperation, balance and balance.

The appearance of sixes in the Tarot spread indicates personal relationships, family, home, loved ones, creative events, education, romance and love affairs. You may be getting married soon. There is a chance that there will be a chance for further education or career prospects. Travel during this period is unfavorable.

The number “six” reflects the Yin energy: pleasant, harmonious, solid and peaceful. Sixes advise you to pay attention to the feelings and needs of others, indicate a favorable time for marriage and improving relations with your partner. Home, family, children, or elderly relatives need your attention right now. In personal relationships, keep in mind the concepts of forgiveness and understanding. If you have had problems in your relationship with your partner, now is the time to clear up any differences of opinion. If your question was about financial debt, now you will have the opportunity to settle everything and pay off.

Six of Wands

  • success
  • public acceptance
  • progress
  • self confidence

Six of Wands Keywords: victory, honor, achievement, recognition, pride, public ceremony, praise, realization, success, triumph.

In a reversed position: failure, invisibility, underestimation, disappointment, humiliation, dishonor, shame, acceptance of praise for others’ merits.

This card depicts a solemn parade where society gathered to honor the victorious hero. The Six of Wands promises recognition of success. While the achievement is personal, this card reminds you that nothing is achieved alone and that all heroes are supported in one way or another by a multitude of people and communities. Consequently, the victory of one is to some extent shared by all.

Six of Wands Tarot Card
Six of Wands Tarot Card

The Six of Wands is the twin card of the Chariot in the Lesser Arcanum. Both of these cards symbolize moments of victory and triumph. Sometimes in life, all we want is to win, to become number one. This dream can be seen in the faces of athletes, politicians and other champions entering the circle of winners. It was all worth it. I am the best. I won!

In a Tarot spread, the Six of Wands appears when you’ve worked hard towards a goal, and success is finally around the corner. Now you can receive the recognition, honor and reward that you deserve. If you don’t feel close to winning now, know that it is about to come if you continue to do your best to make it happen. The victory of this card should not include violence against someone else, only your methodical actions regarding yourself and your progress towards the goal.

The Six of Wands also represents healthy self-esteem. Recognizing your accomplishments is an important part of success, but too much pride can lead to arrogance and conceit. When you see this card, make sure you don’t feel superior to others. It is easy to forget that individual achievement is not really individual at all. Our talents begin in the Divine, develop with the love and support of others, and only at the end are expressed through us. Can we indulge in excessive pride?

Six of Cups

  • redefining the past
  • childhood memories
  • innocence
  • joy
  • nostalgia

Six of Cups Keywords: nostalgia, happy memories, kindness, innocence, selflessness, generosity, innocent pleasures, unconditional affection.

In a reversed position: living in the past or romanticizing the past, acting insincerely, manipulating, buying affection or friendship.

The Six of Cups reflects fleeting, quiet, often spontaneous moments of tenderness and occasional kindness. These actions come from a pure heart and, like from a pebble thrown into a calm pond, from them circles of consequences diverge far. This card can mean the onset of a similar moment in the present or future, and can also reflect the memory of such an event, which still warms the soul and positively affects behavior.

Six of Cups Tarot Card
Six of Cups Tarot Card

Of course, I will not deny that there is violence, anger and meanness in the world. But there is also a lot of kindness and concern. The mother cares for her baby. A friend lends his car for the weekend. An employee replaces a sick colleague. Small gestures of goodwill, subtle, but so important. Six of Cups is a good card. It encourages us to be kind, generous, and forgiving.

The Six of Cups also represents innocence – a word with many meanings. You can be innocent in the strict legal sense of not being guilty. Or you can be virtuous or chaste.

Six of Cups covers our childhood. It can indicate the roots of a situation stretching from childhood, or a meeting with a person from our distant past, when we were pure, joyful and light. Or this card can become a messenger of pleasant, warm memories.

Six of Swords

  • transition
  • change
  • recovery
  • letting go of the past

Six of Swords Keywords: travel, pursuit of safety, escape, flight, support, admission of defeat, intolerable position, protection, refuge.

In a reversed position: a hopeless situation from which they are not trying to get out, a delay, a worsening of the situation, an invisible danger.

Some situations are irreparable and some relationships are irreconcilable. Even if you have made a decision to get out of the current circumstances, you may still need help. The Six of Swords points to just such a scenario, including having the support needed to safely get out of a dangerous situation or an unhealthy condition.

Six of Swords Tarot Card Meanings
Six of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

While this action is positive and possibly necessary, it will not solve all problems. The scars acquired in the process of learning and realizing the truth will remain after reaching safe harbor.

The Swamp of Despondency is a good name for the Six of Swords. Sometimes this card represents a dull, sluggish state. It seems that there is nothing serious, but somehow everything is wrong. You do everything right, but you don’t prosper. In the picture, the figures in the boat appear sad and distant. Life is really uninteresting when we feel boredom.

In a more positive way, the Six of Swords can indicate recovery. This is especially true when you’ve just gone through a tough time or a psychological blow. During a crisis, you felt numb and disconnected, as nothing mattered to you. But now you start to heal and collect the shards of your life. The boat travelers are at least making progress. They are heading for a new location, even if they are not yet ready to set foot on those shores readily.

In fact, the Six of Swords can indicate travel and movement of all kinds. This could mean an actual change of scenery, a move, or a trip, but it doesn’t have to. Travel can also take place on the inner plane as we move from one state of mind to another.

Although the Six of Swords does not promise much joy, it does not imply deep depths of despair. The swamp is not a bottomless pit, but just a depression. When you see this card, know that while the situation is not ideal, you are moving towards a more positive place. Change is in the air, and new and more encouraging conditions lie ahead.

Six of Pentacles

  • give
  • receive
  • generosity
  • mercy
  • resources
  • knowledge

Six of Pentacles Keywords: charity, justice, gift, donation, study, credit, balanced decision, taxes, fees, sharing wealth with others, asking for help.

In a reversed position: denial of a grant or loan, stinginess, cheapness, unfounded judgment, unfair deductions or fines, unwillingness to ask or accept help, inability to help when asked.

Wealth is distributed in many ways. The Six of Pentacles includes most of these methods (such as charity, loans, grants, etc.) in addition to earned income.

Six of Pentacles Tarot Card
Six of Pentacles Tarot Card

If resources are needed, they can be obtained by those who are ready to go through the necessary procedure. The card does not indicate the automatic fulfillment of the request. The final verdict comes from the person in power or ownership.

The Six of Pentacles is a difficult card to describe because it sits in the dark region between poverty and misery in the Five of Pentacles and the abundance depicted in the Ten of Pentacles. These two cards represent two extremes: to have or not to have. The Six of Pentacles covers a huge golden mean, where it is not clear exactly who has what.

In this card, a well-to-do gentleman tosses a few coins to a beggar while another petitioner waits on the sidelines. The giver holds the scales of justice, as if claiming the right to decide who deserves the blessing of his donation and who does not. In this picture, we see two extremes: give / receive, dominate / obey, be on top / be below. It seems clear who has and who does not, but is it? Life is not so simple, and the situation sometimes changes with lightning speed.

In the Tarot spread, the Six of Pentacles asks you to study very deeply the whole question of what is the value of the material (resources) and the intangible (knowledge, power, love). You can see yourself from one side or another of the situation, but this card asks you to reconsider your position. Think of a successful businessman who suddenly finds out about bankruptcy. Or a disabled person who, with the help of titanic efforts, is trying to overcome himself. A teacher who is not shy about learning from his students. A parent who controls and dominates his children by giving money.

Maybe you will receive a gift that you have wanted for a long time. Or you may have to submit to someone else. In all cases, you must question the obvious and go deeper. Why are you in this situation and where does it lead to? Who is really in charge? What’s really going on?

2 thoughts on “Description and Interpretation of the Cards of Six in Tarot”

  1. Girls, what negative interpretation a Six of Wands can have? I got it on the question of what hinders a person in life, what are his weaknesses. My version of interprepation is that it’s vanity. What do you think?

    1. In general, there is an opinion that the Six of Wands is not always a positive card.
      Sometimes it is a representation of a failure after a long list of successes. It can also be the “unstable balance”: a precarious balance, loss, obstacles, problems.

      I once got the Six of Wands on a question if a couple will converge. The querent was happy, as it’s a card of triumph. But in the end the couple did not converge.

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