The Art Of Asking Tarot Questions

The Art Of Asking Tarot Questions

How do you ask Tarot cards a question?

A correctly asked question is a correctly given answer. In order to get the right answer, you need to understand how to ask the Tarot cards a question. The questioner must remember that the Tarot reader is a conductor between him and the Cosmos, and not a panacea that will give everything a person wants on a silver platter.

Tarot is a tool that will help you look at the problem from the outside and give good advice, which, if used correctly, will lead you on the right path.

To get an answer, you need to write your question. One or two sentences are enough for formulating it correctly. When formulating the question, you need to determine the time frame, for example: “Will I get married this year?”

What can you ask:

what is better to choose from the two options, what decision to make;
the reason for the current situation;
the state of a problem;
advice on how to achieve something desired;
possible options for the development of the situation;
the path of your self-development.

The Tarot divination rules say that you do not need to focus too much on the question during the Tarot reading. If the situation really worries you a lot, you will receive an answer to the question. The Tarot allows you to guess at a person who is far away from you, but you have permission to guess at him.

For a good Tarot reading, there should be trust between the Tarot reader and the questioner. Do not try to deceive the Tarot reader or hide something. The cards will show the truth, but then they may refuse to work with you further due to confusion and lack of trust.

Remember that a professional Tarot reader does not tell anyone the secrets of his sessions. For the Tarot spread, complete information about you or about your loved one should be given, since it is she who will allow you to tune in with the person’s biofield and give a complete answer to the question. Thus, the connection between the Tarot reader and the querent is set up.

4 thoughts on “The Art Of Asking Tarot Questions”

  1. Is it true that in order to tell the fortune with Tarot cards you need not only to know the technique and combination of cards, but also to have the gift of prediction. I am guessing on Tarot cards often. I get different answers to the usual questions that I ask. I don’t understand either if I don’t know how to read the cards, or something changes every time. Then it means that you can’t really guess your future, since it changes?

    1. Why do you ask the same questions over and over again? Why are you doing this if the cards have already given you the answer?
      The future changes when something in the present changes. Anyway, do a Tarot spread on a specific question only one time per week. Everything else will follow.

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