How to Ask a Tarot Question

How to Ask a Tarot Question

How do you ask Tarot cards a question?

Correctly formulating the question is the first step in the interpretation of the cards in a Tarot spread. Most people know that the Tarot is used to find the answer to some questions. At the same time, it is very important to find the best version of the question and to formulate it in such a way in order to get a clear and accurate answer. Let’s see how to pose the first question to the Tarot cards and find the answer.

What questions to ask Tarot cards?

The question does not have to be erroneous and false, an honest and sincere question is always the best place to start. However, there are some conditions that you must take into account when addressing a question to the Tarot, so that fortune telling is more successful.

The more accurate is the question, the more accurate is the answer. For example, the question “Will I find a friend?” is much less effective than asking, “What three things can I do to become more attractive to the opposite sex?”. In the first case, the answer is usually “yes” or “no”, while in the second case, the answer will be much more detailed and practical.

Ask personal questions. Better to avoid third-party questions like this: “What does Anna think of me?”. Rather, it would be to focus on yourself and on things that can be controlled by you personally. In this case, it is more correct to ask: “What can I do to make Anna respond to my feelings?”. In this case, the answer of the cartomancer to the second question will include the answer to the first one.
Look for brevity. The more concise the question is, the more specific is the answer. Don’t be tempted to put all the problems together. Better to ask a simple question and then follow up if you want.

Leave room for action. Asking questions like “Why …?” or “When …?” is not the best option. The answers to them, in fact, rarely help to understand what needs to be done to improve the situation or to realize the desired goal. Better to ask questions that start with “How …?” or “What …?”, for which you can get detailed answers and practical detailed advice on how to be and what to do.

It may also happen that during fortune-telling it is not possible to ask the Tarot a sufficiently clear question. You can be irritated, confused, and agitated. Fortunately, Tarot is a patient and understanding friend. In this case, the wording may be simple: “Please tell me what I need to know.”

How to search for an answer?

A complete answer to the question for the Tarot follows from the sum of the meanings of card numbers, names, Key Words, images and symbols. From each of these elements, the cartomancer receives part of the answer. The process by which the cartomancer deciphers the Arcana, creating a semantic connection between the Querent’s situation and the display of the answer to the question in the cards, is called interpretation or reading. Learning to interpret the Tarot as a specialist takes time and practice. However, even a beginner will understand that each Arcana can tell them (much more than they imagined) by applying his skills in associative thinking and with the help of intuition.

How to ask the first question for the Tarot?

Let’s try to ask a simple question so that we can find the answer together by pulling out one card. You can choose any question you want.

Proposed question.
As an example, we have chosen a question that may interest those who begin their journey through the world of Tarot: “What Tarot will teach me?”.

Find a comfortable place to work, where you will not be disturbed or distracted. Once you are in the right place, sit down, take a deep breath, close your eyes, put aside all your daily worries for a while, and relax.

Shuffle the deck.
You can shuffle the deck in the usual way, but gently and slowly, which helps to create the right state of focus. To answers to a question, separate the Major Arcana from the Minor Arcana. Set the Minor Arcana aside and only shuffle the Major Arcana.

Card selection.
After shuffling the deck, draw a random card from the Major Arcana. Look closely at it and look for its meaning in the context of the question.

How to practice?

Try to ask the Tarot a simple question at least once a day, pull out a card, and interpret an answer. If you have enough time, you can make a spread with several cards, for example, the Timeline Tarot Spread. The more often you practice with the Tarot, the easier it will be to choose the right spread, better understand the meanings and make the answers more accurate and clear.

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