The Possibilities of Tarot Cards

The Possibilities of Tarot Cards

Are Tarot cards supernatural?

Tarot cards have long and firmly entered our lives as an ancient magical instrument. Knowing the capabilities of Tarot cards, you can not only look into the future, but also determine the structure of your personality, know your inner world, identify problems and find ways to solve them, understand past karmic sins and find a way to neutralize them, learn the laws of the Universe and learn the Higher meaning of being. In the modern world, Tarot cards are also used in psychology and psychotherapy sessions.

The possibilities of Tarot cards are truly endless. In this article, we will consider only the most basic of them.

Divination with Tarot

Fortune telling is the most popular way to use cards. The meaning of the cards is based on ancient occult sciences such as Kabbalah, numerology, esotericism, astrology, alchemy. Divination decks do not carry such highly philosophical interpretations. They contain only the most basic information that reflects everyday life and the needs of the average person. When fortune-telling, a person, first of all, wanted to know his future and understand what areas of his past life affect the present. Fortune telling is often used as a way to find out the answer to a question of interest. There are many spreads for this.

Fortune-telling is a narrower view of the future. As a rule, simple spreads are used for this: using one, three, seven cards. In this case, the future appears in a specific way. It will be only this way and nothing else. There is no way to change the future, you just need to accept it.

Prediction is a broader view of the future situation. In this case, the spreads consist of a large number of cards and offer several options for the development of the situation. The accompanying cards give explanations about the choice of one or another path. And only the person himself, relying on his intuition, desires and needs, can choose one way or another to turn the situation in the direction he needs.

Tarot spreads always consist of three parts: past, present and future. When drawing up the correct conclusion from the spread, you should pay attention to the cards that carry information about the past and present. They provide answers to the questions: “How did it all start?” and “What has led to at the moment?”. Having found out the reasons, you will understand how to move on and the probable ending of resolving the situation.

Tarot Meditation

Tarot meditation is another way to use the cards. This is a more complex method, directed primarily inside the person himself, leading to self-knowledge and expanding his capabilities. A deeper understanding of the Tarot cards also occurs during meditation. By exchanging energy with the Arcana, you comprehend their world, open up to them, let their energy pass through you.

For meditation, cards of the Major Arcana are mainly used. This is done because the Major cards are stronger, and they reflect almost all areas of life. Minor Arcana also have a strong energy, but not enough to be used for meditation.

In order for your energy and the energy of the Tarot to become a single whole, it is important to feel the vibration of each card. For meditation, one should intuitively choose the Arcana and try to spend as much time as possible in the diameter of its energy field. In this case, your energies will begin to merge into one common one.

If you want to change a specific area of your life, use meditation on cards that are responsible for this particular part of your life. In this case, the filling with the necessary energy occurs, and changes will begin to take place.

During meditation, try to mentally completely immerse yourself in the Arcana. Feel its energy, imagine that there is a living picture in front of you and all the characters on it act according to their purpose. Feel the taste, color, smell of Arcana, its vibrations. Only by visualizing and reviving the Arcana, you can fully tune in to their wave and influence the sphere of interest in life.

Tarot as a way of Self-Knowledge and Knowledge of the World

Tarot is a whole multi-level system tied to the ancient occult sciences and giving answers to questions that other concepts and doctrines cannot answer. It is a system for interpreting the world and determining a person’s place in this world. This is the knowledge of the Microcosm, Macrocosm and their interaction. This is a higher level of cognition of oneself and the surrounding reality through the Tarot cards.

Each person corresponds to a certain archetype, which are reflected in the Major Arcana. Archetypes are in a clear hierarchy and correspond to the stage of spiritual development at which a person is at the moment. Having studied the Tarot cards and identifying your archetype, you will be able to understand the essence of your Self.

Following ancient teachings, man is a reflection of God on Earth. He was created in the image and likeness and carries a Divine mission. Thus, the process of self-knowledge inevitably leads to the knowledge of God. A person goes through several stages of development in his life. It so happens that he stops on the Path and cannot move on. In this case, the Tarot spreads help to identify the reasons for this stop and show why, based on what mistakes in life, you cannot move on.

The way of self-knowledge is the determination of one’s Divine Purpose. If you cannot understand your Path, if you are moving in the wrong direction every time, the Tarot will prompt you out and guide you along the right path through self-knowledge and self-determination. Tarot spreads in these cases are more reminiscent of magic rituals and carry a high philosophical meaning.

Systemic Arrangements based on Tarot

Tarot cards have long ceased to be just a way to predict fate. In the modern world, psychologists and psychotherapists began to use the capabilities of the Tarot to determine a person’s personality, identify his deepest problems and reprogram his consciousness.

Systemic arrangements combined meditation, the study of the archetype of a person, diagnosis through intuitive associations. The possibilities of the Tarot are effectively combined with the scientific methods of psychology and psychotherapy: gestalt therapy, psychosynthesis, psychodrama, etc.

Many people have had such situations where some events in life occur according to the same scenario. You cannot understand why this is happening. Blame yourself, the Universe, the neighbor, the government, anyone. Groundhog Day repeats itself over and over. And, it would seem, there is no way out of it. This is because the Universe is sending you a signal that you simply cannot understand correctly. All of these repetitive signals are reflected in the Tarot cards.

All work is done intuitively. The person seems to turn off and, without hesitation, begins to draw cards that reflect the essence of his state. All cards are faced down. In the process of placing, some cards are removed, some are supplemented. Until there is a feeling that the alignment is harmonious. Our unconscious gives a complete picture of karmic mistakes, sources of problems, the level of finding the archetype and shows the way out of the impasse.

As you can see from the article, the possibilities of Tarot cards are huge and reflect all levels of the human personality: his desires, thoughts, needs. This is a multi-level system based on the teachings of the ancient sages, which allows you to look into the future, determine your Purpose, and solve complex problems, including psychological ones.

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