Queens of Tarot

Queens of Tarot. Memorizing the Meanings Quickly

Queens represent feminine energy and women with their unique character and appearance.

More than any other Suit cards, Queens are truly ready to help you. They possess position, as well as wisdom, experience, and strength to do so. The Queen’s power is not always obvious and outwardly directed. Her power and influence are like an iceberg: much of it is hidden deep beneath the surface. Queens are ready to help, but their help must be earned. Typically, they symbolize busy, work-oriented individuals who, precisely because of their involvement in business, possess such a wealth of resources. Dealing with them can be difficult due to the uniqueness of their qualities. Personal connections are very important to them. It’s wonderful if you immediately appeal to them. The main thing is to not betray their trust. If they decide that you are indifferent to them, convincing them otherwise will be quite difficult. Strengthening the bond or overcoming the gap between you is possible with the help of common sense and the acknowledgment of their experience and skills. If the Queen decides to contact you, she can become a friend, mentor, support, and role model.

The meaning of the Tarot Queen is primarily feminine energy, which is also manifested in men. A small excursion into human physiology. All people have a male hormone – testosterone, and a female hormone – estrogen. They can both increase and decrease depending on a person’s physical health. Surely, everyone has met women who are masculine-like and men who are feminine-like, so queens and kings are encountered in all sexes to varying degrees. It all depends on a person’s behavior and lifestyle. In this article, I will talk about the manifestations of feminine energy, which is reflected through the four Queens in Tarot cards. They wield the power of the elements: water – cups, earth – pentacles, swords – air, wands – fire.

Keywords: Queen – married lady (but since there is no special card in Tarot indicating a young unmarried girl, you can choose one of the Queens for this purpose, the Queen of Cups or the Queen of Wands for example). If this card falls to a woman, it can mean that she herself will take charge of the situation. In business – fruits and results have appeared.

Queen of Wands

Keywords: Energy and Generosity.

Card Meaning: Energetic, enterprising, independent woman. Possibly a business owner. Candid, honest, proactive, generous. Bright personality who has achieved fame and success. A patron, helping others to build their careers. Assistance in affairs, successful development of events. Generosity, joy, celebration. Profession: any type of business, especially advertising and event organization.

Upward Position: Success in all endeavors. Joy.

Reversed Position: Overconfident, scandalous, ambitious person. Intrusive, excessive help. Excessive generosity, wastefulness, tendency to deceive.

The Queen of Wands is a strong, confident personality who wishes to inspire the querent and help him. She understands the importance of dignity and willpower.

Queen of Wands Tarot

She can push the querent to brave deeds or make him act. She is strong, confident, and wants others to be the same. Whether they are ready for it or not, it doesn’t matter. The Queen of Wands becomes involved in a situation only because it fits her own plans.

Wands represent the element of fire, which is responsible for any creative beginning, work, marriage, our cherished desires. The Queen of Wands is easy to distinguish from all others. She attracts the attention of everyone. She is an energetically bright person, distinguished by special charm and charisma. Notice, I’m not talking about physical beauty right now, which fades over time, as aging changes are not far off. They preserve such energy all their lives and transmit it to everyone who knows them. These women are leaders, loved and respected.

The character of the Queen of Wands is as fiery as her element. She is used to being in a state of light aggression, but she needs it only to achieve her lofty goals – to become a great actress. The Queen of Wands cannot do without people and attention. She warms others with her spiritual fire and wants to share it with others.

The Queen of Wands is an excellent leader in any endeavor. She must like what she does. Everything she does comes from what her soul lies to. She is used to doing everything from the heart, so Queens of Wands make great teachers and actors! They bring the light of enlightenment to all who are ready to listen to her.

The reversed Queen of Wands is a tormented person, angry with everyone. Her fire has turned into darkness, and now despotic traits of character and even a tendency to violence manifest in her. She is indifferent to everyone and everything. It is necessary to rekindle the fire, to find a new mission in life!

Queen of Cups

Keywords: Love, Care.

Card Meaning: Beloved woman. Lover or close relative. Wife, mother. Sensitive, compassionate, caring woman. Tenderness, kindness, dreaminess. Love, happiness, pleasure. Fertility, motherhood. Intuition. Sympathy, consolation. Beauty, art, inspiration. Profession: psychologist, artist.

Upward Position: Motherly love and care for people.

Reversed Position: Excessively sentimental lady. False sympathy, insincerity. Pity, eternal tears. Weakness, lack of principles. Indiscriminate love. Alcohol abuse. Consumerism, laziness, begging, deception.

The Queen of Cups is a person who wishes to develop or deepen relationships or to get closer to a person, take care of them, and support them in every way at a sensual level caused by the situation.

Queen of Cups Tarot Card

She personally and emotionally gets involved and invests, often acting for the good. She feels, intuitively reads energies in the situation. Her mentorship, which is often subtle, emotional, and creative in nature, will be invaluable to the querent. This queen often helps and supports, playing the role of a patroness.

Cups represent the element of water, which is responsible for emotions and communication. The Queen of Cups manifests in the ability to attract people to oneself. She skillfully maintains a conversation and finds points of contact with any person. However, there is a downside to this – the emotional instability. Just as easily as she enters into communication with everyone, she can flare up and shower a person with her dislike. This queen loves to gossip about other people “in secret”. I recommend dealing with such a person extremely rationally.

The character of the Queen of Cups is simply charming. This is a kind, gracious woman who is happy to see everyone. She knows how to pretend well-being. A vivid example is a lady from Instagram. A weak point of such women is emotional dependence on people. She loves to be in the limelight and surround herself with numerous acquaintances, whom she calls friends. The Queen of Cups always needs new pleasant emotions, and a new love affair is suitable for this. However, it quickly fades away, leading to another depression.

With her refined appearance and manners, she attracts men who are drawn to her veil of “weakness”. In any case, it is pleasant to communicate and have fun with such a person. Living with her is like riding on water slides, going sometimes up and sometimes down.

The Queen of Cups will find herself in a profession related to social activities: event organizers, administrators, secretaries, PR managers, sales. Also, everything related to liquid falls under her sphere of activity.

The reversed Queen of Cups can be confused with a madwoman who is under the influence of the “Moon”.

Queen of Swords

Keywords: Infertility. Loneliness. Poverty. Unemployment.

Card Meaning: Authoritative, demanding, sharp, cold, uncompromising woman. Strict boss. Profession: representative of the law, official, surgeon. A woman who has experienced much suffering in life. Widow. A lonely woman with no family, no children. Emptiness, coldness, infertility. Poverty, hunger. Unemployment. Sadness, sorrow. Loneliness, separation.

Upward Position: Cold reason must prevail over emotions.

Reversed Position: Treacherous, vengeful, cruel woman. A malicious old woman. In divination tradition, the “Lady of Spades”. Ruin, poverty. Illness. Depressive state.

The Queen of Swords is a person who can help or give advice on an idea, problem, communication difficulty, or strategy.

Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

She is smart and experienced, having experienced both good times and bad times. She will have ideas and advice on how it’s best to achieve the goal. Consult with her when you are making a plan. She skillfully exposes deceptions and sees the essence of the matter, honestly and clearly stating it. Most likely, she has her own course of action, and she can influence the situation with skillfully chosen words. But always double-check her suggestions, compare them with your own logic before following them.

The Queen of Swords represents the element of air. She is responsible for duty, loyalty, aggression, and protection. This element manifests in all women when they protect their children. They, like mother bears, are ready to do anything for their offspring. Let’s not offend men and give credit by adding that when they are in the state of swords, they also selflessly protect their families.

The character of the Queen of Swords is that of a tough woman, she’s no pushover. She always solves problems with action, not words, and she is characterized by a state of chronic aggression. This trait allows her to make it clear to others that flirting for career advancement won’t work with her. I think you’ve already felt this powerful energy, of a woman who can keep even men in check.

The profession of the Queen of Swords includes any administrative position, management, surgery, and military affairs. The element of air allows her to choose a profession related to the air, like becoming an airplane pilot. Queens of Swords manage both home and work well thanks to their natural discipline, which is in their blood.

The reversed Queen of Swords is an apathetic, beaten-down person who is afraid to say too much. Such people are driven by fear, which needs to be addressed. The card indicates emotional imbalance, which leads to the inability to change anything. Advice: don’t fall into depression! You need to find a purpose in life, even if it’s insignificant. For example, learn to do push-ups.

A note: as I wrote above, Queens often appear in spreads for men. Many novice Tarot readers, for some reason, see them as mistresses or numerous admirers. Let me warn you, it’s not like that at all! A man can have the character of a queen, just as a woman can have the character of a king! In reality, a male queen will differ in behavior. Perhaps he will be more yielding in some areas than women in the king, who often show themselves to be tough and unprincipled.

Queen of Pentacles

Keywords: Practicality, Prudence. Financial well-being. Accumulation.

Card Meaning: Wealthy, practical, prudent woman who is knowledgeable in financial matters and knows how to save. Security, stability, satisfaction with life. Financial success, good results in business. Material abundance, prosperity. Good housekeeping, ability to manage resources wisely. Ownership of real estate. Accumulation of money and property. Country life, good home, harvest. Profession: economics and finance, warehouse management, real estate management or construction, farming.

Upward Position: Rational management of material values contributes to success and well-being.

Reversed Position: Excessive practicality, greed, tendency to hoard.

Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card

The Queen of Pentacles is a person who can handle any task and achieve a beautiful or pleasant end result. She is not as meticulous in performing tasks as the Queen of Cups, not as elegant as the Queen of Swords, and not as quick as the Queen of Wands, but she can consider all the details, engage all resources, and unleash their full potential. She is capable of helping the querent to achieve any plans and maximize results, pointing out all the details. She can turn trash into treasures and make a bad situation as comfortable as possible.

Pentacles represent the element of earth, and everything material is subject to it: our body, home, planet, and all resources. In our ordinary life, it manifests itself in shopping, it’s expressed in regular savings. Queens of Pentacles are very rational and emotionally stable women. They keep their home and everything in it under lock and key because they have all obtained it through hard work. It is hard work that most vividly characterizes these people. The Queen of Pentacles is used to working and counting money, and she also knows how to protect it. You won’t see sophistication in her nature, as she is superficial in delicate matters, but the material world is understandable and easy for her. With such a mother, you don’t have to worry about not having enough money for education or food. She has already planned everything for the next 10 years.

The character of the Queen of Pentacles is calm, balanced, and comfortable to both work and live with. If you find yourself lacking emotions, then in that case, the Queen of Cups would be more suitable for you. This woman will offer a stable life without surprises. Many may find it boring to live with her because her life is governed by a clear system of actions: she works from Monday to Friday and embroiders on weekends. Some may find this lifestyle monotonous, but she finds herself and her spiritual home in it. Everything is clear, understandable, and, most importantly, predictable for her here.

Professionally, the Queen of Pentacles can be anyone who needs to count or do physically work. They make excellent accountants, economists, salespeople, and company leaders. Their main feature is the earth because it gives them tremendous physical strength, so any farming is recommended for them. The earth is capable of restoring them and giving them energy.

The reversed Queen of Pentacles is a physically ill woman. I recommend that such individuals undergo a medical examination. From a material point of view, the reversed queen will be considered as monetary or property loss. The card indicates human laziness, obesity, and, as a result, problems in personal life. Queens of Pentacles are given to build their own homes with their own hands. Only through hard work can she overcome all dislikes and problems. She teaches us life wisdom: “Patience and hard work overcome all obstacles!”.

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  1. This article explores how to quickly memorize the meanings of the Queens in tarot. It breaks down the personalities and energies of each Queen card while offering mnemonic devices and exercises to make learning easier. Whether you’re new to tarot or want to deepen your understanding, it’s a handy guide to enhance your tarot reading skills. I read it with pleasure, thank you.

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