Symbol in Tarot: Squirrel

Symbol in Tarot: Squirrel

What Does the Symbol of a Squirrel Mean in Tarot?

The Time: all year round.

Key Concept: activity and readiness.

Color: white, green, gold.

The squirrel is a member of the rodent order. Squirrel is quite sociable, but it dislikes strangers, even in relation to their kind. It spends most of her time gathering food. It is often possible to observe how a squirrel digs a hole and drags in nuts and other food, showing reserves for the winter. Thanks to the acute smell, the squirrel always finds its pantries, even if it forgets where they are.

Squirrels don’t harm anyone. In winter and summer they live in coniferous forests. For the winter, they carefully store food in hollows. In summer and autumn, mushroom caps are dried, deftly stringing them on bare tree branches. More than once I went to the mushroom storage of squirrels in the forest. Sitting under a tree in a dense forest, I found a red squirrel repeatedly jumping on the ground. It carried a large mass of ripe hazelnuts in it’s teeth. Squirrels know how to choose the ripest nuts. They hide them in the deep hollows of trees, and in winter unerringly find their reserves.

Due to its small size, the squirrel has many natural predators. But it’s incredibly fast and smart, and it often inevitably runs away from them.

There are two main types of squirrels: gray and red. There is also the black squirrel, which is a more aggressive version of the gray one. Gray squirrels are most often found in cities, while red squirrels are more common in forests and plantations. For many the squirrel is just a nimble animal.

Symbolism of Squirrels

The symbolism of squirrels has several different interpretations. The most common are energy, speed, intelligence and alertness. Squirrels are mobile animals, always on the alert. Squirrel personifies agility, swiftness, indefatigability. The physical dexterity of the squirrel also gives rise to the idea of ​​its cunning.

Squirrel in Tarot

They also symbolize fun, easy life and play. They enjoy life, so they also represent the importance of having friends and maintaining good relationships with family.

The squirrel as a symbol is little known both in the mythological interpretations of ancient religions and in modern psychological interpretations. But the image of a squirrel is presented in folk demonology.

They represent the harmony of nature and balance in life, and also symbolize good luck, happiness. This is so perhaps because the indigenous peoples of North America consider these creatures to be positive spirits that bring prosperity and good luck.

Symbols in Mythology

In Scandinavian mythology, it was assigned the unenviable role of a malicious mediator, sowing discord and slander.

According to legend, the squirrel Ratatosk lived on the world tree Yggdrasil (an image of the universe) and constantly scurried along the trunk, working as a “spoiled telephone”. It transmitted messages inaccurately and thereby provoked enmity between the wise eagle on top of the tree and the root-gnawing dragon. The squirrel also appears at the mention of the frantic activity of the ardent Loki.

In Slavic mythology, squirrel is a small forest animal. Because of its strong teeth, like other rodents (hares, moles, mice and rats) it is the beast of the god Perun. Squirrels easily gnaw nuts and acorns. The ancients draw an analogy as if stones crack and split from lightning.

The squirrel is associated with the concept of light, because it, like a ray of the sun, quickly jumps from branch to branch through the trees. It is believed that the squirrel that gnaws nuts with a golden shell and emerald kernels is nothing more than a poetic metaphor. It means thunder and lightning. Until now, in many countries there is a custom: to devote the first spring hunt for squirrel to a thunderer.

The ancient Slavs very often called the squirrel “cunning”. This was either due to the fact that it was very dexterous, or due to the fact that with her red coat and fluffy tail it resembled a fox. But in the old days, children were frightened by the fact that any evil spirits could appear before a person in the form of a squirrel: either a brownie, or a water one, or a mermaid. After all, all of them, as the Slavs believed, moved at lightning speed.

In Japan, the squirrel was depicted with a vine as a symbol of fertility, abundance and harvest. It is a symbol of the embodiment of creativity and the ability to find an original solution to difficult situations.

  • The animal was sacrificed to the Mayan gods in South America. Among the Zoroastrians, the squirrel appeared in the horoscope as the patron of a certain year. According to legend, the animal endowed people born this year with activity and mobility.
  • Among the Celts, the squirrel, depicted with a bird, is a symbol of the Irish goddess Medb. In Irish mythology, this is the warrior queen of Connaught and the sorceress.
  • In Christianity, the squirrel, like other rodents, is a symbol of destructive, greedy animals. It is associated with the devil, incarnated in this reddish, swift, elusive animal.

At the same time, the squirrel was often depicted on talismans. Its claws were used because people believed that this could improve the overall well-being. A meeting with a squirrel in a dream promised guests.

The view of the squirrel as an unclean animal contributed greatly to the fact that squirrel meat was considered inedible. Croats forbid to pregnant women to eat squirrel meat, because the baby may be born black. However, the taboo on the use of squirrel meat for food at the same time indicates the sacredness of this animal. The image of a squirrel has a producing semantics. In Slovenia, among the participants in the carnival disguise, depicting a wedding procession, there were people dressed up as squirrels. In the Polish dream book of the XIX century, a squirrel in a dream is interpreted as a harbinger of a happy marriage or the birth of children. In Slovakia, a piece of fabric that was used to protect a woman in labor was decorated with embroidered motifs of a squirrel, a rooster, a deer, and a peacock. A piece of squirrel skin was used by the Slovaks when washing a newborn.

About the Character of the Squirrel

All squirrels are highly communicative. By observing their relatives, they repeat their behavior and thus acquire new skills. Expressive fluffy tails are used by squirrels for warmth, for protection from the sun and for balance. Squirrels often express their emotions with the help of their tail, making quick and easy movements with it.

Squirrel magic can manifest itself in your life in different ways. If a squirrel has run into your life, then you need to ask yourself a few questions. Do you lead an active lifestyle? Perhaps you do not make any plans for the future, far or near? Are you too fussy, running back and forth without finishing things? Isn’t it time for you to learn how to save and manage your resources, at any level, including money, time, energy, etc.? Are you too careless? Are you afraid of being left without sufficient means of subsistence? Are you too obsessed with hoarding? Do you tend to be stingy? Do you refuse to share with others?

Squirrels can teach us to find the middle ground between stinginess and extravagance. If we tend to hit one of these extremes, then a squirrel may appear in our lives to help us. A squirrel is the embodiment of practicality and foresight, but at the same time, it reminds us that in striving for our goal, we must always find time for communication and play. Work and rest must go hand in hand, otherwise problems may arise. You will lose your taste for life, work will cease to bear fruits.

What will you learn from a Squirrel?

You can learn from this animal how important it is to spend time making your life and the life of your loved ones more pleasant, happy and easy.

Squirrel invites you to enjoy the simple pleasures and gifts that life brings you. It tells you that there will always be problems, but it is easier to overcome them if you have a positive outlook on them.

In the end, the squirrel teaches you to perceive the life as a game and it shows that the goal is not to get somewhere, but to enjoy the trip.

The Personality of Squirrel in Tarot

If you did a Tarot spread to see your Personality and you got a card where the Squirrel is depicted, then you are an extremely positive person with many qualities and abilities.

In addition to being incredibly smart, you are full of energy and have a playful spirit, which makes your company easy and interesting.

Modesty is also your hallmark, and you don’t need much to be happy. You just need to satisfy your basic needs.

You are adaptable and flexible, so you rarely clash with others.

You are attentive and quick in making decisions. Creative and skilled, you adore intellectual challenges and are brilliant in both art and math.

Those who identify with a squirrel are organized people who are tactful, act when necessary, and come up with solutions quickly.

On the other hand, we can say that you lack patience: getting a little thought before making certain decisions can be a good idea. Sometimes you are in a hurry and act too fast.

Despite your modesty, sometimes you can exaggerate your successes. You are not doing it out of vanity, you are rather just letting your imagination run wild.

In which Tarot Decks you can Find Squirrels?

Universal Celtic Tarot Deck by Floreana Nativo

The Hanged Man

Quite an interesting card. On this Tarot card, squirrels symbolize situations when the person is not able to decide something, even if he holds on tightly to an acorn (which can symbolize a situation, a person, or a thing). Other squirrel will still find a way to take it away with their agility. It turns out that the card says that there are such times when we cannot decide anything ourselves. We are limited in actions, are tied on hand and foot, and the main thing here is to not panic. Contemplate, observe, learn lessons, shake your head, rethink the situation and change your attitude towards it.

In a general sense, this is a very severe card in the financial matter. There is no control, no resources, no stability, and the most annoying thing is that others are profiting from your difficult condition (look at the other squirrels). As a rule, this is a direct indicator of debts and loans that had to be paid yesterday (the squirrels symbolize banks, creditors, etc. here). There’s nothing you can do, you have to pay the debts.

Squirrels can symbolize competitors who can steal your ideas or the business itself. This can happen is if the person is unable to quickly make a decision or launch their new ideas. Indecisiveness harms business, and your food can simply be stolen. Do not stand as an idol, act!

Animal Totem Tarot Deck by Leeza Robertson

Four of Pentacles

I really like how this card is depicted. You see a cute squirrel.

In the traditional interpretation, this is a Tarot card of stagnation, but here it can also mean that the squirrel knows what it is doing and is still trying to increase its savings. The squirrel, however, did not stop there, does not try to relax or save property, but successfully transforms the money into a tree.

The squirrel also likes to bury, but does not remember what and where it buried. How clearly it is shown on the card that the long-buried “acorn” has already sprouted, but the squirrel is still burying new ones in the same place.

And on the other hand, it can also mean that the accumulations will simply disappear (split pentacle) if you do not work with them. It seems to me that the squirrel is such a miser (remember the squirrel from the Ice Age?). I’d rather bury the acorn than let someone get it. And the pentacle suddenly sprouted. This tree will become available to everyone in the forest. What a tragedy.

This animal is characterized by hoarding, and it’s not always for a specific purpose. Rather, it’s just an instinct.

Although, if you think about it, squirrels are hardworking people. Therefore, this squirrel got her pentacles with her work and ingenuity. It has the right to be a little greedy.

Here a squirrel can indicate both unconventional views on the situation, ingenuity, and hard work in general to implement their plans.

Yet, I have conflicting feelings about this Tarot card. On the one hand, it shows that you can get savings yourself and even turn them into something more. On the other hand, the card may indicate the greed itself. There are two opposites here.

For me, this card is frugality, savings correctly placed at interest. A card of income, revenue and expense, as well as multiplication.

Tarot of the Old Path by Sylvia Gainsford & Howard Rodway

The High Priestess

On this Tarot card, the High Priestess is surrounded by animals. Among them there is a Squirrel. Most probably here it can symbolize energy, intelligence, speed and even alertness.

Anima Mundi Tarot

Page of Pentacles

Here the Squirrel is holding a nut in its paws. I can say that in order to decipher this Tarot card, you can completely take Rider-Waite’s meanings. For example, it can mean chance, diligence, study, kindness, determination. And look at the squirrel, it seems to be holding out a nut. Fate gives you a chance to implement your plans or an idea. The squirrel is hardworking, it doesn’t stop for a moment. Maybe this is a sign that you should work harder on your own projects.

At the same time, it sniffs at the nut, examines it, thinks what to do with it. I think you also need to take a closer look at those ideas that you initially rejected. Maybe there is something in them?

Yes, the forest behind her is dark, but it has a nut (an idea) and that’s all that is needed in order to move forward and realize it.

Modern SpellCaster’s Tarot by Melanie Marquis & Scott Murphy

In the Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot deck, the suit of Pentacles has one interesting distinguishing feature: its totem animal is the Squirrel.

After all, the Squirrel is a symbol of diligence, accumulation and thriftiness. Her task is to make supplies for the winter, so it works actively in the summer so that it is full and contented in the winter. Thinking about your future now.

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles is always the beginning of a new venture that is guaranteed to succeed. Contentment, acquisition, wealth, great happiness, triumph. The Squirrel is a symbol of this and also quite a good helper if you choose her as a totem in new endeavors.

The squirrel seems to be guarding the pentacle, or showing you here it is. Look here and you will see it, reach out and take what is intended for you. But in order to have something you have to work, so should you work hard just like squirrels, and you will succeed.

Three of Pentacles

In a general sense, this card denotes skilled work or the acquisition of a skill. It also means ability and dexterity. And the squirrel on this card can mean both a diligent student and someone who wants to explain something (a teacher). It seems to be copying a man. Above, I wrote about the fact that Squirrels in life are quick to learn and love to repeat everything they learn.

Four of Pentacles

A very interesting Tarot card. On it we see a man that guards his wealth. The squirrel pretends that it just stands nearby and goes about her business, but still watches carefully. It waits for him to lose his vigilance and steal at least something.

I would say that the card says guard your wealth as you wish, but still someone wants to rob, deceive and take what is yours. Avarice never leads to something good and does not bring happiness. It can be worth it or share or pour your finances into something so as not to lose anything.

On the subject of finance, a squirrel can also mean inflation, which can turn any money into candy wrappers.

Six of Pentacles

This is a card of generosity, mindfulness, etc. The squirrels here also get a little bit of what the man serves. I see it this way: it doesn’t matter how you see yourself, fate will bestow its modest gifts on you. You just need to open up and be ready to accept them.

Eight of Pentacles

This is a Tarot card of work, professional creativity, improvement, restoration. Here the squirrel is a symbol of accumulation. It tried very hard to bring all this into the kennel. It did this well.

Nine of Pentacles

Two squirrels are drawn here. One of them is free and does what it wants. The second squirrel is in captivity, and even with it’s eyes closed.

This card is twofold. On the one hand, this is a card of prosperity, health, a happy family life. On the other hand, it is about internal restrictions, boredom, unwillingness to take risks and go beyond the limits of one’s cozy little world.

The girl sadly leans against a strong wall, although there is a beautiful garden behind her (but she does not attempt to climb over this wall). She also does not allow squirrels, and it meekly sits on her hands, although in fact the squirrel is a symbol of freedom. But the other squirrel is completely free. It is now in the garden, but not because it was imposed on her, but because it wants to.

Knight of Pentacles

An interesting Tarot card. Here it manifests herself exactly as the Knight of Pentacles is in the classic Tarot. This is a defender, support, reliability, measuredness, meticulousness, support, control, measure, planning. Squirrel is absolutely ready for anything. It is ready to jump to the rescue at any moment. Also here the Squirrel is a symbol of stability and strength.

Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles speaks of maturity, experience, sanity, endurance, serenity, fertility. Here the Queen carefully takes care of the existing goods, as if it is her own child. The squirrel helps her, supports her, maybe even calms her down. On this card, it behaves like a symbol of calmness.

King of Pentacles

The card is interesting in the fact that the King openly demonstrates his goodness and is not ashamed to use it for his own purposes. But the squirrel is not ashamed to take from his reserves for itself, at least a little. Here the Squirrel reveals itself more as a symbol of resourcefulness, cunning and even petty theft. So do not be like the King. Be vigilant, even to those whom you never even suspected.

Oak, Ash & Thorn Tarot Deck by Stephanie Burrows & Adam Oehlers

A very beautiful deck. Here the Squirrels play a very interesting role. They are like totem animals for the entire Suit of Cups.


Here the Squirrel plays a very interesting role. It is it who controls the badger, which is essentially a slow colossus. But all the same, the squirrel does it. Although it is small, it feels power, willpower, action, courage, fortitude, determination, energy, fearlessness, the ability to overcome difficulties, success, patience, spiritual love, moral strength, vitality, generosity, poise, justice, balance.

I think that this card advises you not to be afraid of obstacles, and to meet the difficulties that arise boldly. Handle them without fear of anything, for there is enough strength to cope with any situation.


In its classical meaning, the Moon means hidden danger, deceit, secret enemies, disillusionment, etc. But here the squirrel sleeps calmly. It is not afraid of anything, it does not think about anything.

Still, this card warns the person that everything is not as it seems. Do not lose vigilance and always be on the alert. This squirrel seems to convince you to rely more on your instincts and intuition than on prudent judgment when looking for ways to overcome difficulties.

Ace of Cups

Beautifully drawn Tarot card. It shows how the squirrel reaches for the source. It is a source of inspiration, strength and love. This is a sign of internal energy, openness of the soul to everything new, spiritual harmony and comfort. In a word, we can say that this is a card of bliss. This is a bright ray that appears in a dark soul. It expels all sadness, despondency, anger, fears from there.

Two of Cups

It shows mutual sympathy and love. It says that the period has come when resentment and ambition need to be put aside. Take time for your family and cherish your family values.

These squirrels are of different colors, one red the other gray. They mean that we are all essentially different, and we must appreciate, respect and love others for who they are. And these squirrels are made for each other. They always want to be together, because they understand that thanks to this they are happy and successful.

This card brings peace of mind and warmth.

Three of Cups

The card symbolizes, as a rule, a time of joy, a holiday. In love and friendship there will be complete mutual understanding. This is a card of fun, joy, good mood.

Squirrels are really happy about this holiday. They have fun, they are happy that they are together. Squirrels here are a symbol of joy and serenity.

Four of Cups

In the classical interpretation, this card means missing out on great opportunities in your life. This is due to the fact that he is too selfish, arrogant, proud, considering himself too smart.

This Squirrel is practically the same, but… It doesn’t sit gloomy, it turns away completely, sniffs, looking for something else that might suit her. Maybe it doesn’t like these acorns and it wants to find tastier nuts. This is her right. For me, this is a card of hope. There is always something better, and this better one is waiting for me. You just have to sniff it and go looking.

Five of Cups

Here the squirrel is disappointed by the fact that on the ground it sees only broken acorns. But it only has to raise her head, despite the rain, and reach for two beautiful and whole acorns. If you endlessly indulge in your problems, then they will not go anywhere. They will obsessively accompany you for a long time. You are able to cope with your failures and difficulties, if you so desire. A person is fully capable of immersing himself in his depressive thoughts, which is why he creates even more problems for himself.

Six of Cups

Here squirrels symbolize hoarding. They work with all their might to collect a lot of acorns. They make plans, are content with the calmness and success of their labors. But at the same time, they try to decorate everything with flowers, a symbol of beauty and tranquility.

Seven of Cups

An interesting Tarot card. The main classical meaning of the Seven of Cups Tarot card is that every choice that the fortuneteller thinks about is already predetermined by fate. The very fact of choice is an illusion, a deception. And here the squirrel shows this quite well. It does not sit before a choice, it just waits for what is intended for her.

Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups gives advice to look for new sensations and opportunities, leaving behind people and things that bring disgust to life, have become a routine. So the squirrel leaves, leaving quite good acorns behind. It seems to look back, but still continues on her new path.

Nine of Cups

On this card, the squirrel is doing well. It has harvested everything it needs for itself and is now resting quietly. It is recuperating after hard work. It deserves her rest.

Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups symbolizes a happy and harmonious family life. Like this cute family of squirrels. The squirrels are always happy to take care of their offspring and live very friendly. This family has a good future. They have everything and are ready for winter (acorns on branches).

Page of Cups

This squirrel is endowed with quiet joy, romance, dreams and desires. See with what tenderness it reaches for the cup? The card itself carries an emotional load and is a symbol of love.

Knight of Cups

What a romantic squirrel, holding out a cup to a cute bird. This is a very tender card, full of love. Here the squirrel shows how generous, friendly and kind it is.

Queen of Cups

Well, this is the Queen for all queens. It is beautiful, successful, balanced, restrained and friendly. It cherishes her acorn like a child, which means it is economic, caring and hoarding.

King of Cups

Absolute calmness and self-confidence. This is how the King behaves on this Tarot card. He is successful and responsible for everything, and therefore he cannot show emotions, even though the lake boils under his paws from restless fish. But he made the wise decision to be fearless no matter what. He is the one who dictates the rules of the game.

Oriens Animal Tarot Card Deck

Three of Wands

This is a card of striving for the ideal. Do you see how the squirrel perfectly holds these three wands with its tail? They are in absolute balance. On this card, the squirrel also looks into the distance. It is looking for like-minded people, the same squirrels like itself, with whom it can achieve high goals. It is smart, inquisitive and self-confident. And it will definitely find what it is looking for.


Of course, I have not listed all the Tarot Decks where Squirrels play a major role or carry some meaning. There are many such decks. By having this article, it will already be easier for you to understand the symbolic Tarot meaning of this beautiful animal.

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