The Royal Court in Tarot

The Royal Court in Tarot: “I Rule”

What are the Royal Court Cards in Tarot and what is their Meaning?

Tarot cards are self-sufficient in themselves. Perhaps due to this, perhaps due to the desire to make sure that “there is everything in the Tarot and a little more”, there are many allusions and comparisons that help to dive deeper into the Tarot.

Today I’ll show you how Courtyard Cards can be expressed using verbs.

Suit of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles – “I am learning.”

All Pages are disciples, but in the slow and careful Page of Pentacles this is most evident. His training is aimed at life as a whole, because right now the foundation for the future is being laid.

Knight of Pentacles – “I consider.”

Measure seven times, cut once: this is about the Knights of Pentacles. They are in no hurry to act, their every step is carefully and comprehensively thought out, and straws are laid along the entire route. But they rarely fall.

Queen of Pentacles – “I bestow.”

This Queen made the reorganization of space and resources with maximum efficiency the raison d’être of her existence. Therefore, for her, finances in particular and resources in general remain the best tool.

King of Pentacles – “I multiply.”

Having gone through all the stages of development from a student to a seasoned businessman, the King of Pentacles not only knows how to earn and knows the value of money, but has learned to let it grow, making the most of the potential of each coin.

Suit of Cups

Page of Cups – “I feel”.

Page of Cups perceives the world sensory, through the feelings that these representatives of the Court are always heightened. They manage to feel much more than others, and are often confused in their sensations.

Knight of Cups – “I give.”

They are kind of kind wizards who keep the holiday with all its miracles in their sleeve and do not mind giving those around this holiday. Generous in emotions, able to evoke in those around them exactly the feelings that are needed now, the Knight of Cups easily endow those who are nearby, sometimes with laughter, sometimes with tears.

Queen of Cups – “I feel.”

Feelings for this lady are the main way of knowing reality. She invests in the concept of feelings and intuition, empathy, emotions, and sensations. As a result, she is the embodied representation of Feelings.

King of Cups – “I am transforming.”

The transforming King of Cups know how not only to experience emotions, but also how to turn them into what is needed, giving it outside or leaving it inside their soul. In any case, their sensual baggage is very diverse.

Suit of Wands

Page of Wands – “I move.”

For this Page, the words “movement is life” are not a poster phrase, but a way of life. They are everywhere. They move, advance, develop, they are everywhere at once and do everything at once. Otherwise their energy will tear them apart. They will not give rest to the environment.

Knight of Wands – “I develop.”

They are progressors, reformers, the engines of everything that has not yet been moved before them. For the Knight of Wands, development is easy and natural, like laughing at a good joke or breathing.

Queen of Wands – “I create.”

Creation, transformation of chaos into beauty is her essence, since this is what gives the combination of Water and Fire. According to Tarot Kabbalism, this Queen is connected with the water element.

King of Wands – “I design.”

They can move mountains, if given. Proactive, creative, decisive King of Wands is able to create what he need, like a child builds a magic castle from a constructor. And the more details, the better.

Suit of Swords

Page of Swords – “I am watching.”

Reason, mindfulness, propensity to seek information. All this is the Page of Swords. He knows how not only to look and listen, but also to see and hear, so he often takes the position of an observer: this way you can understand and learn more.

Knight of Swords – “I fight.”

With yourself, with others, with the situation… The Knight of Swords is a War in the flesh, but War does not always consist of blood, tears and shots. And the Knight of Swords can be a very creative character.

Queen of Swords – “I analyze.”

The Queen‘s sharp mind is more terrible than a sword, and do not dare to ask her for mercy. You will not be spared if you tried to deceive her. And there is no anger in her, because she does not need to be angry at the one who has stumbled, it is irrational!

The King of Swords – “I rule.”

“My power, my law” is embroidered in gold on the snow-white silk of this King‘s banner. He may seem like a despot, but this is not so. He is just a tactician and strategist who managed to think about everything in advance and sincerely does not understand why these strange people are indignant.

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    1. The Royal Court in Tarot cards represents various archetypes and personalities that can influence our lives and decisions. These cards often depict qualities such as leadership, nurturing, ambition, and introspection. Understanding how these archetypes manifest within ourselves and others can provide insight into interpersonal dynamics and guide us in making balanced and informed decisions.

  1. What a captivating exploration of the Royal Court in tarot! This article provides valuable insights into the personalities and roles of the court cards, shedding light on their significance in tarot readings. It’s a fascinating read for both beginners and seasoned practitioners alike!

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