What Will Tarot Teach Me?

What Will Tarot Teach Me?

What do you learn from Tarot?

Today I propose to ask the cards this question: what the Tarot cards can teach you, why are you given it, for what purpose did you come to the world of esotericism? It will be very interesting to learn something about yourself and your connection with the world of Tarot cards?!

To do this, we need to take all the Major Arcana from the deck, shuffle them, and after asking the question (which is formulated above), draw out one blindly.

Here’s how you can interpret the cards:

The Fool:
I will look at the world the way children do with innocent eyes and open hearts, always ready for adventure and fun.

The Magician:
I will discover new talents and abilities that I never knew existed.

The High Priestess:
I will be able to see and recognize objects and the hidden meaning of events in my own life.

The Empress:
I am implementing my ideas to increase the ability to create.

The Emperor:
I will learn to manage my emotions in order to become a more balanced person and a good leader.

The Hierophant:
I will understand how to find my way in life and become an example for others.

The Lovers:
I will be able to meet people with whom I can share joys, secrets and dreams.

The Chariot:
I will understand how to achieve my goals with new and original ideas.

I will become fair in order to have balance in all areas.

The Hermit:
I can rediscover joy, peace, spirituality and prayer.

Wheel of Fortune:
I can play the role that fate intended for me in life.

I will increase my self-control and understand what really motivates me.

The Hanged Man:
I will trust my instincts and be able to see things from different angles.

I can let go of the past and focus on the present.

I will connect different aspects of my life into a harmonious whole.

The Devil:
I can accept my flaws and overcome my guilt.

The Tower:
I will break down boundaries and inhibitions to make room for the new sprouts.

The Stars:
I will believe that anything is possible, and I will not give up on important issues.

The Moon:
I will learn the freedom of expression without being influenced by others.

The Sun:
I will understand how to use my resources and energy.

I will discover a new world of ideas and possibilities.

The World:
I will understand that I can influence my future.

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