Cards of Aces In Tarot

Description and Interpretation of Cards of Aces In Tarot

How do you read the Aces Tarot cards?

The first in the order and sequence of occurrence in Tarot decks are the four Aces cards, which symbolize the power of the Spirit.

Aces contain all information about the qualities and capabilities of the Elements. This is not just the first step in expressing the Element, but the embryo of everything that it is capable of, with a strong potential for development. Aces promise, but do not guarantee success, because creation depends on the harmonious inclusion of all 4 Elements. As far as the elements are balanced in the process of creation, so much we can get the desired result predicted by the Aces.

Key Words and Phrases

Seeds. New beginnings. The creative principle. The beginning of something. The power of the roots. Birth. New projects or businesses. Fresh ideas. Incentives. Innovation. Inspiration. Viability. Potential. Leadership. Initiative. Independence. Something new. Initial stages of action. Clean energy. Creative power. A surge of energy. Number one.

Situation and Advice

An Ace of any suit is the birth of each of the subsequent cards of that suit. As the first card of the suit, the Ace denotes the initial strength of the suit and is associated with the first number. Number one corresponds to the astrological signs of Aries and Leo. The Sun rules Leo and is in the ascendant position in Aries. The sun determines such character traits as leadership, strength, power, energy, initiative, ambition, courage, independence, originality, leadership ability. Negative Traits: Abuse of position, ignorance, intimidation, dominance. All Aces in an inverted position represent a selfish use of the energy of this card.

Aces in Tarot represent the Power necessary to bring something new into our lives, therefore their influence is quite powerful. With the arrival of the Aces, life changes. And there were quite a few such Aces in the life of each of us, although perhaps we did not always notice them.

Aces in the Tarot deck are gifts from heaven, and often when we see an Ace in the spread, there is a premonition of something special. This first reaction to the Ace is understandable on the one hand, and a little confused on the other. We ask ourselves the question: So what kind of Gift awaits us?

All Aces initially have Duality. On the one hand, these are quite weighty cards, but at the same time they have the smallest number in their suit, equal to 1.

The English word Ace comes from the old French word “as = ace” (from the Latin “as”), which means a unit, from the name of a small Roman coin (a unit). Since the coin had a minimum “weight”, then in the Middle Ages in England this word traditionally meant “bad luck”. Nevertheless, over time, in many modern card games, the meaning of the Ace is changed and already means a kind of “perfection”. The Ace is endowed with significance and importance. So which version is true? Are Aces something meaningful, important and perfect, or is it just an insignificant flash on the screen of our life? Or maybe this is both at the same time? Then how does it depend?

Ace of Swords

new ideas
clarity of mind

In my opinion, most of all, this duality is inherent in the Ace of Swords. Obviously, the sword is a deadly weapon and can literally kill. Nevertheless, the suit of Swords in the Tarot deck represents mind, intellect, thoughts, and conflict.

The appeareance of the Ace of Swords in the Tarot spread, as a rule, portends a certain moment, an insight that separates the truth from illusions. This double-edged blade can be dangerous because the moment of truth brings us pain (i.e. the moment when the truth is exposed in front of us, most likely cutting off some cherished concept, but which does not corresponding to reality).

Ace of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

Yes, it is often painful to learn the truth, but at the same time it is instructive, since from this moment we begin to see differently, clearly, not as new ways are opening up before us, new thinking and vision of some things are being developed. That is, the Ace of Swords clears the way for new understanding and knowledge, for exploring the truth.

The Ace of Swords always “cuts off” the images of death from here. Under the Ace of Swords, the old thinking dies off in an instant, since we learn that something that does not allow us to think as before.

The Ace of Swords is epiphany.

This card is the living embodiment of the struggle. If a person strives for leadership, for victories, he is strong-willed and with a strong core inside, it means that he himself can be ranked as such.

The Ace of Swords transfers us to a new level of understanding and at the same time some new responsibilities come. We must begin to act differently, not as before, but in accordance with this new level. It’s like in a computer game, we first go through the first level and gain knowledge and experience, go to the second and here we are again beginners. We move with the baggage of experience behind us, and nevertheless we do not know how to move here and in what direction and again we have to recruit experience to move to the next level. It also happens in life.

Sometimes it happens that the Ace of Swords is just some kind of call, for example, from creditors, with a message that errors were found in the calculations and not in our favor, or it may be the moment when my friends and I tell each other the “naked truth”. At this moment we take a risk, as the relationship between us may change, but nevertheless it is necessary.

The Ace of Swords can simply indicate sharp and pointed things. We do not forget about this either.

The Ace of Swords is Strength. This strength is quite powerful and at the same time it is only the Beginning. It is a raw material, but it is not a product. This is a new idea, an impulse for change, but it is not the change itself.

If you draw the Swords in the spread, then wait for the fight. If the Ace of Swords fell in your Tarot spread, then the fight will not be a joke. The upright position of the Ace of Swords means that the querent will get involved in the war and win. Compare swords to wands. These both suits foreshadow good deeds, only wands by a lucky coincidence in favor of the person, and swords by strong tension and effort. But the success of the Ace of Swords is fully deserved. In this case, everyone around them sees what difficult path the questioner has traveled and admits that they themselves would not have been able to. The person who receives an Ace of Swords as an answer is demanding on himself. He is honest, strict, strong physically or mentally, small failures are unable to break his strong spirit. This type of people are able to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix bird and once again go to victory. If the Ace of Swords falls to a fighter for his rights, he will win in court. If this is a young man participating in talent competitions, entering a prestigious university, the cards advise to fight to the end, long days of training and rehearsals will not be wasted. For athletes, the Ace of Swords portends prizes in competitions.

Ace of Cups

new relationship

The suit of Cups represents emotion. Water is a suitable metaphor for this Tarot suit. The Ace of Cups is our emotion, our feeling, our emotional response to something that we have seen or experienced. It does not always talk about falling in love, but often asks us to pay attention to our emotional state.

The Ace of Cups is one of the most favorable cards in the deck, but nevertheless it sometimes shows an emotional storm, hysteria, tears (when surrounded by certain cards). The Ace of Cups itself is pleasant, like coolness on a hot, sultry day.

All aces have a fairly short lifespan. These are bursts, and in this case, a burst under the onslaught of emotions. Therefore, the proverb “Strike while the iron is hot” is about aces.

Ace of Cups Tarot Card

Each of us experiences periods of emotional drought. This is the time when there is neither joy nor tears. There are times when we are quite heavily invested in someone or something emotionally, and at this moment we ourselves are emotionally devastated. There are people who keep all emotions in themselves and do not let them out. Such people risk “bursting” from the pressure of emotions, especially at those moments when a new Ace of Cups enters their life.

Usually the appearance of the Ace of Cups is very joyful. It will tell us that the time has come to “refuel” with new fresh emotions and impressions, and that very soon we will receive them. But, before that, we need to eliminate all the gaps into which our emotions flow, eliminate all breakdowns and the reasons for which our emotional “powerlessness” arises. It is necessary to look for such faults, since it is impossible to keep water in a leaky bucket.

The question arises: So what is this Gift here? If you still need to do something to keep it, fix some “holes” into which everything flows, find breakdowns and malfunctions, and generally put some effort into it.

And yet it is a Gift! The question is: can you keep your Ace of Cups if there are places where it can “leak”? And how will it fit into the bowl, from which it already pours over the edge?

Aces, as you remember, are the seeds of change, the promise of something that is yet to come. This is the initial energy of the suit, but in this form it is not yet suitable. It’s like a wave under a surfboard, and only the skill of the surfer will help you orient yourself in the direction and get the result.

Ace of Wands

a wish
new opportunities

This is an energetically charged suit, the embodiment of the element of fire.

It is a flash, a spark, an idea that flares up in the mind like a small torch. It must be taken and used as soon as possible, otherwise it will burn like a lighted match.

Everything, both large and small in our world, begins with an idea. Have you ever thought about the fact that things that are quite familiar to us today, such as a TV, or an airplane, were once just someone’s idea? Someone’s flash of inspiration, which eventually led to the fact that we can fly and watch TV. Everything was created thanks to someone’s idea and inspiration.

Ace of Wands Tarot Card

I am sure that almost all of us are visited by similar ideas, and at that moment we say to ourselves: I will do it! And then we can either do what we intended, or not do it and leave it only as our idea, and after a few years we can find out that someone, using an idea similar to ours, has earned a million. This happens very often.

The nature of the Ace of Wands is fleeting. This is fire. And we must act in it immediately, or the Ace of Wands that has come to us will remain another unrealized idea.

The Ace of wands tells us about passion, about the will to act, about the desire to start something, but it can also indicate an outburst of anger, and maybe a fight. This is the moment when we leave with a loud slam of the door, and an hour later we make peace and everything is fine.

The wands are fire, passion, and also represent sexual desire. This is the act of intercourse, if you will, but nevertheless the Ace of wands is not the basis for a long-term relationship.

Passion comes to us in various forms, but the common feature is a burning desire.

The Ace of Wands brings energy to create, to bring something from nothing. Without the inspiration of the Ace of Wands, there will not be enough strength to do what was intended.

The Ace of wands is a sign of creativity and novelty. Appearing in the spread, it always means a breakthrough, but not by struggle and war, but a natural breakthrough, as if a blessing from above was given for this. The card can easily fall out to a talented inventor before starting a project that awaits success. If a novice businessman asks to tell fortunes on how things will go, and the Ace of wands falls out, this is an unambiguous green light for such a case. This entire suit means growth, and the first card in particular. It embodies an idea, a breakthrough, an entrepreneurial spirit. This Ace in an upright position means the querent’s productive motivation. Even if a person says that he has doubts, deep down he knows exactly what he wants and how to achieve it. His initiative is stronger than ever.

Ace of Pentacles

new financial or career opportunity

Pentacles refer to the elements of the earth and symbolize banknotes. And it’s just that there will be everything material and mundane, in a word – property.

The five-pointed star (the pentagram) has its own sacred meaning. Combining the four elements and spiritual space (ether) the pentacle creates the integrity of man, unites his spirituality with matter. The possession of property is also a kind of manifestation of the spirit. Money loves individuals with a strong energy, who are able to work hard enough to preserve and increase it. The power of the pentacles extends to a narrow sphere of investment and business, which, nevertheless, determines a lot in the fate of a person. A lucky Ace of this suit gives a very good defense. Think for yourself, after all, one has only to protect finances from shocks, and everything else will successfully follow.

Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card

Knowledge can be obtained on paid courses, with the right people to meet on vacation abroad. And health with beauty in our age of medical technologies can sometimes be literally bought.

The suit of Pentacles includes thoughts, energy, emotions that we received from the previous suits and brings something material into our life, something that we can “hold” in our hands. It turns out, as it were, a “destiny-making” suit.

We all tend to think (Ace of Swords) in accordance with what we want to receive. We also feel the emotions (Ace of Cups) that surround our desire and follow the inspiration. We have the spark, strive (Ace of Wands) to fulfill our desire. Thus, we manifest our own reality (Ace of Pentacles).

The Ace of Pentacles, like all other Aces, is a seed, but at the same time it differs from them in that it actually shows the results of our actions (Ace of Wands), thoughts (Ace of Swords) and emotions (Ace of Cups) in material form.

The Ace of Pentacles is the “return, profit, yield” of our mental, physical, and emotional investments. What we produce on: Ace of Swords, Ace of Wands and Ace of Cups often seems to us intangible, insignificant, and we just tend to “forget” about it. And we forget until the Ace of Pentacles falls on us. Gift! Surprise!

It can be a job offer, an unexpected salary increase, or just some kind of material gift.

When these things happen, they seem to come out of nowhere, but in reality nothing comes or happens from nowhere.

For Ace of Pentacles, as an example, a proposal for a new job cannot come out of nowhere, because we ourselves did something for this, sometime, somehow. Alternatively, you could just think about how good it would be to find a new job. So we thought and a gift flew in to us, and what next? What are we going to do with it? Shall we go to a new job or will we stay at the old one?

Or, for example, you thought to earn more money, wanted to, dreamed of it, and the Ace of Pentacles flew in, gave a huge bonus. What next? What will you do with it? Will you spend everything on nonsense or will you invest somewhere, in something that can increase the investment in the future?

The Ace of Pentacles gives us raw materials to work with and do something.

This is clay for a potter, paints for an artist, flowers for a florist. The Ace of Pentacles is the seed of creation, and only after we put in our efforts will our creation become a masterpiece.

Prospects Opening to the Tarolog.

Now that your attention is specifically drawn to the Aces of the Minor Arcana, there is a new opportunity to comprehend a good part of the deck in a new way. Even the previously known knowledge is never superfluous to repeat, it helps to realize how limitless the spheres that open with the development of the Tarot system are.

If there are many Aces in the spread, this indicates new beginnings, ambition, new opportunities, new crops, which will become the beginning of a long stage of development. This is the most appropriate time to start a conceived project. New acquaintances will appear in your environment, or you will renew a relationship with someone you already know. Aces can predict that the time is right to start implementing plans for a change of profession or moving to a new place of residence.

Aces symbolize the beginning of the next life cycle. This is a time of new opportunities and expanded horizons. Yang energy promotes bold projects. Be prepared to make an independent decision and seize the opportunity to advance. Yang energy presupposes decisive action by men at crucial moments.

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