The Levels of Tarot Knowledge

The Levels of Tarot Knowledge

What are the 7 Levels of Knowledge in Tarot?

There is a Tarot deck in front of you. You take it in your hands. Consider the box. It is sealed in cellophane. You cannot see the whole deck. To buy or not to buy? You are sensitive to the vibrations that go down your hand from the deck. Hot? Cold? Is your hand shaking? Or maybe immediately there is a feeling of something long forgotten and painfully familiar? And then you decide: yes, I take this deck!

The first step has been taken. You come home, open it and lay out the deck with a sinking heart. Here they are the mysterious Arcana Tarot! There are 78 of them. There are both the Major and the Minor. Looking at these pictures, you do not even suspect that the Great Book of Cosmic Mysteries is in front of you, because the motivation for buying was purely pragmatic: to learn to determine what awaits you tomorrow. You do not even suspect that the Tarot has seven levels of comprehension.

So, here are the 7 levels of knowledge of the Tarot:

Predictive or so-called “Divination”

This is the lowest level. The classic “fortune-telling” is the simplest and at the same time difficult method. We make predictions with the help of the Tarot. Tarot cards work timelessly, they perfectly see the past, present and future and help to understand any situations and make a prediction of events and help us see the essence and make a decision. As the saying goes, whoever is forewarned is armed.

Psychological, which can also be called the psychological analysis of the personality and its problems

When just “telling fortunes” is not enough. When there is a need to explain to a person why it happened and what to do about it and whether it can be corrected. Tarot cards are successfully used by psychologists and psychotherapists, because the Tarot clearly shows the levels of personality development, age crises and cycles, archetypes, personality structure and resources in psychoalchemy and much more interesting and necessary things. This level allows for analysis of personality and problems, provides a quick diagnosis of personality and works faster than psychological testing.

Karmic, where you already go to the wilds of Karmic Diagnostics

This aspect of the Tarot allows you to see the purpose of a person, his karmic tasks, who the person was in a past life and what should be done in this one. Look at the questions of the Family, the Higher meanings and the Higher reasons. This is the cause – effect relationships.

Philosophical and Worldview

At this level, the person begins to move upward in a spiritual direction. After all, Tarot cards are the oldest instrument. The Tarot system contains all the laws of the Universe according to which everything in our world happens, according to which we intuitively live, the essence of our life on Earth is all the wisdom of the Universe, all the stages that a person must go through, all that he must learn. All this is encrypted in 78 cards.


This is a connection with other esoteric disciplines – astrology, numerology, runes, stones, healing. Many people, doing one thing, over time add something else for a more extensive study and consideration of issues. All these sciences complement each other superbly and get along well and unite. For example, in the Tarot there is a great spread for the year “12 houses of the horoscope”, it is done in December-January.


This is an understanding of oneself, one’s place in life, spiritual growth, self-knowledge, the development of one’s superpowers. There are esoteric spreads that just help to figure it out. And especially, what I really love is meditations on the Major Arcana of the Tarot, which allow you to use the energies of these Arcana in order to penetrate into the depths of your subconscious in meditation to change the past and shape the future as you need it. For example, if you want to improve family relations or attract the attention of the opposite sex, then the Empress will help you. If you want to get ahead in your work, or you need ideas, then you can turn to Arcana the Magician, and so on.


The highest level of knowledge of the Tarot. Your Microcosm becomes one with the Macrocosm. Realizing that every man and every woman is a Star, you will begin your journey into the depths of the depths, perceiving yourself as one with the Macrocosm. Tarot cards will show you their sacred meaning. Your worldview will become consonant with the Tarot deck. In ordinary situations, you will recognize the mysteries of the Major Arcana. Tarot meditations allow you to experience the flavor, energy and music of each card. Only a few reach this level.

This system resembles an inverted pyramid, where at the start, many embark on this difficult Path, without even assuming that it will turn out to be so multi-stage journey. With each level, the number of travelers is noticeably thinning. Each person has his own way of exploring the Tarot, and not everyone comes to it from the lower level, in order to learn to divinate. Many come for the philosophical/worldview knowledge, work on their spiritual growth, come into contact with this system and then master other levels. The peaks are reached by only a few people.

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